1. Join the big ones
Join the networks that have a large number of members. This will get you the best results for your networking efforts.

2. Optimization is the key
Doing whatever you can to make your profile page stand out from the rest to maximize it and gain the benefits.

3. Choose your friends wisely
It is a good idea that you manually approve your friends before adding them. Make sure that the people you are adding share the same ideas as you do don’t just go and add any tom, dick and harry.

4. Add content with care
The content you add needs to be related to you. Make sure it is quality content as poor content will just make you look like an amateur.

5. Use the multi-media options
Most social networking websites will have more than one way of sharing. Make use of audio and video options and posts things that make you stand out.

6. State your reasons
It is a good idea to let people know exactly why you are using the website. Tell people that you are on their for business and not building a friendship. Failure to do this will result in a lot of time wasting.

7. Stick to the rules
When signing up for a networking website be sure to read all the rules first. Some of them can be quite strict and you don’t want to get yourself banned.

8. Update regulary
It is a good idea to try and visit your page on a daily basis and make some updates. This shows over members that might be interested in your products that you are an active member.

9. Add photos
Put your photo on your profile page. Profiles that provide photos receive more traffic than those without.

10. Customize, customize, customize
Yep customize your profile page. If allowed use a different background that reflects the kind of person you are.

11. Watch for hackers
Be aware that these websites are a hackers playground. If a hacker manges to get into your account they will use it to spam your friends. As soon as you know that you have been hacked contact the admin and all your friends.

12. Join groups
Joining groups is a good way of getting yourself know. Groups will also help you build your friends.

13. Go public
It is advisable that you make your profile viewable to the public making it private defeats the idea behind using social networks.

14. Link your site
Finally be sure to include links to your websites.

15.Be honest
Do not lie about yourself or post a false photo. Be honest because people will find out when you are not and that can hurt your reputation.