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Adding Multimedia To A Blog

Review MeHave you considered creating a video blog?

With the rise of podcasting, sharing videos and all the social networking websites isn’t it time you considered it, I know I have. In this article detail a few of the tools that will turn your blog from a plain old text base site into a buzzing video blog. Read the rest of this entry »

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6 Steps To Ebook Success

Booksfree.comEbooks are one of the great ways to make money online.

Here’s a 6-step plan to get your ebook business going:

1. Decide on your niche. Do plenty of research on keywords see how many people are searching for it. Be sure to pick a niche that is in demand.

2. Write your ebook using adobe pdf this is the most popular ebook format. If your not great at writing get your self a freelancer.

3. Create yourself a cover for your ebook. Their are plenty of ebook cover programs you can use. Alternatavly pay for one to be designed for you. Read the rest of this entry »

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My 5 Favourite Sphinns Of The Week

Review MeWell another week has past us by and its time once again for my 5 favourite posts of the week. This week i have chose the 5 i like the most on sphinn.

5 Reasons Guest Blogging is a Good Idea Posted By: TheNanny612 This is a great post about guest blogging and why it is good for your blog and reputation.

30 Link Buying Tips – The Dos and Donts of Purchasing Links Posted By: jeffquipp Link building is a very important part of any website wether they be free links or paid links. This posts list some very good advice when it comes to buying links for your website.

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REVIEW: Get Automated Stumbles - Learn From SEO Experts. Become an Expert.We are constantly looking for ways to increase traffic and whilst surfing the net the other day we came across and thought why not give it a try and see what happens.

So we went with the free option to test it and WoW it worked we got 365 hits so far.

So how does work? The free option posts your URL plus keywords and 3 different reviews to 3 different stumbleupon accounts. All the user accounts are from different owners who have aloud the website owner to add their accounts to the script.

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50 Ways To Get Backlinks And Traffic To Your Blog

buy beer stocksGetting traffic and backlinks to your blog is something that everyone never gives up trying to do. Below we have list 50 ways that will not only get you backlinks to your blog but will also bring in a nice steady flow of traffic. Read the rest of this entry »

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