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What’s New in Google Chrome

You must be aware of the latest invention in the internet browsers by Google – The Google Chrome. :cool: The response is overwhelming, everybody talking about it. If we compare Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, currently Firefox leads the browsing softwares all because of speed, security and cool addons. But I forsee Google Chrome will dominate the market soon as Big G tops in every field.

Anyway, those who want to know what’s new or unique in Google Chrome, checkout their official video about the 10 unique features of Google Chrome :

Godaddy Renewal Coupon September 2008

Godaddy informed me that I have 2 domain names expiring soon and so I was in search for a Godaddy Renewal coupon code for the month of september 2008. First I thought there would be no renewal coupon just like Namecheap. But to my surprice, I found the following coupon which will make .com renewals for $6.95 – that is a 30% discount over the standard pricing of $9.99.

And the coupon is……  Zine3

Hope it will work for the month of November too OR I will be posting a new coupon if there is any. Happy Savings ! :D

Free Ebook Friday – The Complete Guide to Squidoo Marketing

Welcome to the 5th free ebook friday. Last week we brought you The Complete Guide to Bum Marketing which you can still download. This week is the turn of The Complete Guide to Squidoo Marketing. Members of Squidoo can use it to promote just about anything they want from a book to a website or charity. Squidoo is made up of different pages created by members and are known as Lenses.


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Understanding file extensions and their role in computer security

computer securityKnowing how to identify various file extensions can be an important part of keeping your computer safe and secure from harmful programs and viruses. A file extension is the small suffix at the end of a file name that tells your operating system which format the file is saved in, so that it can automatically open it in the correct program for you. There are two main types of files that you can access in your computer, and how you handle these files can make a vast difference to the security of your system.

· Executable files – these files open and run automatically and can perform a range of functions without the users knowledge or interaction.
· Data files – these are simply information files, which are stored in your system. They can be images or text, basically anything that doesn’t perform an active function. Data files need to be specially coded so that your computer can save and understand them, and they cannot perform any functions on their own.

In terms of security, it is important you identify between these two types of files. Executable files can run independently and without your knowledge, so these types are files are most likely to contain viruses and harmful programs. Data files are simple storage files, and so are less likely to contain any harmful information. Every time someone sends you an attachment by email, you should be checking the file extension before you consider opening it. Safe files are generally those data files that relate to a particular image/text data storage program such as:
· TXT – simple txt file
· MP3 – music file
· JPG /BMP/GIF – image files

Executable file name extensions are not generally related to particular programs and will appear in various extensions such as:

For example if you receive an email attachment with a file extension EXE, you know that this is not simply a data file, and might contain an executable program that could run a virus or some kind of malicious software once you open it. If the file extension is TXT, you know that it is likely to be a simple text data file without any additional active functions, and so should be safe to open.

Some hackers get around this security measure by imbedding malicious software into safer file extensions such as DOC. This means that it is important to run a virus scan on all incoming attachments, just to make sure each one it absolutely safe before you open it. ;)

How to Convert Audio Video

blaze media pro

blaze media pro

Today I was searching for an audio video converter and editing tool as I am going to start video blogging soon. And found a nice software Blaze Media Pro worth sharing with my readers.

Blaze Media Pro is a multiple featured software package that includes MP3 and video players, audio and video converters and video encoding programs.

The video converter feature is a powerful two-way program that can perform conversions across a huge range of files including, AVI, MPG, WMV, iPod and PSP files. There is also an easy to use MOV converter, just click on the “Convert Video” feature from the main interface page, and then choose the relevant video files and the output format you require. A range of optional advanced settings are also available, which makes the Blaze Media Pro video conversion software an excellent choice for users of all experience levels.

The Blaze media pro software also includes a powerful audio editor, with an audio converter that can convert and merge all popular forms of audio such as CD, MP3, WAV and OGG. It is easy to convert from CD to other formats, and you also have the option of selecting the output format and settings such as bitrate, channels (stereo/mono), compression and frequency. You can also edit your audio files, and there are advanced options to change features such as amplification and pitch changes for more experienced users.

There is also a video encoder available in the software package, and this will assist you in encoding all types of video into MPEG format, (MPEG-1 and MPEG-2). This encoder is fast and easy to use and you can encode large batches of videos at once, which saves a lot of time and effort. As with the other software programs available in the Blaze Media Pro package, there are advanced options available for those users with a higher experience level. There is also a DVD ‘Shrink Function’, which allows you to back up all of your DVDs in a compressed format for storage. So its a total All in one media converter, editor and player.