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Monetize your website with SpeakToMe

Making money from publishing on the Internet can be very tough, as there is a lot of competition and providing enough new material to attract and keep your audience interested can be very time consuming. If you do run a website, then it can be very difficult to make any money from your expert skills, as most of the money made from active sites normally comes from affiliate programs, where the publisher provides space for adverts on their site and then receives a commission for site referrals.
Building up enough site traffic to make these adverts profitable can take a lot of time and effort, and you may find your specialist area of interest simply does not appeal to a wide enough range of Internet users to make good commissions or bonuses from these programs.

speak to me

One solution to this problem of making money as an online publisher is through the new service from Speak To Me. This allows you to monetize your website by setting up an ‘Expert’ page, which includes a webcam, click-to-call and direct ecommerce payment service. Visitors to the site will then be able to speak to you directly about their queries, and pay you instantly on a per-minute basis. This technology can be integrated within minutes on to existing websites, with no additional up front costs to the Webmaster.

The main benefit of this service is that the publisher will receive up to 80% of the revenues generated from this one-to-one service themselves, with the remaining 20% being split into ecommerce processing and broadcasting fees, and also a 10% cut by Speak To Me for the service itself. The revenues to the Webmaster are paid by check at the beginning of each month, and it is up to the Expert to set the per-minute charge for their services, which can be done through the Expert administrative section.

You do need to be over the age of 18 to legally qualify to use this service, and if you want to see a live demonstration of the Speak To Me expert services, you can visit the Ted Murphy’s blog (president of Speak To Me) at

Should I Start A Blog Contest ?

I see lots of contests going on regularly on various blogs including JohnChow, Shoemoney and more. Nowadays MarketLeverage seems the big sponsor of these contests and they created a lot of buzz with blog contests. You can check out current contest on too for the latest MarketLeverage sponsored contest.

Blog Contests would be great for both sponsors, blog owners and particpants :

  • Sponsor build buzz and traffic
  • Blog Owner also builds buzz, traffic and might be a share of prize :D
  • Participants or readers can win cool prizes.

So what does ProBlogineer’s readers think – Should I also start one more blog contest ? Any idea on how should we proceed  – no I don’t want similar blog contests, something new would be great.

Also, Sponsorship is welcomed. Send your offers via contact form – I can’t guarantee every offer will be accepted, only those which I feel would work ;)

Web Hosting Rating, Directory & Tutorials

web hostingWebpage information including HTML files, images and customer account information are all stored on server systems, and web hosting companies provide space on shared servers that you can lease to save you the expense of setting up and running your own dedicated server. Server space is normally charged on a monthly basis and is available for a wide range of needs from personal websites run for non-commercial reasons, to large worldwide ecommerce business networks.

There are a number of web hosting companies currently operating, and choosing the right service can be vital to the success of your website. For example if you intend to provide an online shopping service you will need the appropriate ecommerce technology in place, such as up to date SSL software to ensure both you and your customer’s details are kept safe and secure. To help you choose between all the different hosting services on offer you can visit Web Hosting Rating, which is an independent website that provides information and reviews about the top web hosting companies and the services they provide.

Each web hosting review features full details on the services provided including all the site building, scripting, ecommerce and security software available, and also details about pricing and current promotions and offers. There is also a handy web hosting tutorials feature, which is ideal for newcomers to the web hosting community, with detailed guides on various issues such as SEO, Linux hosting, ecommerce and control panels.

Web Hosting Rating also provides a helpful web hosting awards section, so that you can see the top market leaders across the industry, with award categories such as ‘best blog hosting’ and ‘best forum hosting’. Factors like customer and technical support, total costs and percentage uptime are all included in the selection process, so the winner is the company that performs the best across the board in each category.

I am sure you will find the site useful for all your web hosting needs and querries. :)

7 Reasons Bad Website Design Affects Traffic

Everybody wants traffic to their website but for some reason not everybody gets it. The Internet is a very competitive place with most niches having thousands of people competing against each over for traffic and sales.

One thing that can help you get above your competitors and receive the traffic is to make sure your website is well designed and not full of errors. Here are some of the common problems that will prevent a website performing will in the search engines.

Not coded correctly:

Many websites use old or very badly put together HTML using bold tags where strong tags should be and H2 tags instead of H1 tags. A properly coded website will make it easier to be indexed and faster to load. Check out as this is an excellent tool for checking validity of a websites code.
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Advertising Options on Problogineer

After making in the Top 100 blogs list, I got many queries regarding advertisement options available on Problogineer. Yes, I have still not created any advertisement page on my blog as I am in search of a new wordpress design..

BTW – for those who want to advertise on my blog, following options are available :

  • 125×125 px Banner Ad in sidebar – No rotation – $20/month – only 1 available – Click here to purchase.
  • 460×68 px Banner Ad at top – with 1 banner rotation – $30/month – only 1 available. – Click here to purchase.
  • 728×90 px leaderboard footer banner – no rotation – $30/month – only 1 available – Click here to purchase.
  • 160×600 px Skyscrapper banner in sidebar – no rotation – $30/month – only 1 available – contact us

For Blogpost review sponsorship details, contact us. Custom advertisement options available too.

Hurry, prices going up soon. Get traffic, get exposure, get buzzed today, don’t wait for tomorrow – advertise on Problogineer. :cool: