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SanDisk 64 GB SSD ExtremeFFS flash drives

I have a hobby of collecting latest gadgets and have many interesting pen drives and memory cards. Recently, there was a breakthrough news in portable storage field.

Improving the reliability and performance of solid state drives (SSDs) has always been the main aim of manufacturers, whether they are used in home computers, mobile phones, laptops or digital cameras. These days most SSD systems use the more robust ‘flash’ technology, as it does not require batteries and is able to maintain data persistence even during temporary power failures. However one of the main downsides with flash SSDs was that they were significantly slower than DRAM based systems.

One of the leading memory manufacturers SanDisk have now launched an advanced flash file system for SSDs called the ExtremeFFS. This next generation design is a ‘page-based algorithm’ which simply means it is able to write data in a more convenient and efficient way, preventing wasted ‘random writes’ and improving performance and stability dramatically. SSD operating speeds are measure in virtual revolutions per minute (vRPm) and it is predicated the use of the ExtremeFFS system could improve overall SSD net performance by up to four times over current existing SSD systems on the market. That would help build more storage space in pocket sized drives. Imagined 64GB Memory card ? :eek:

Make Your Blog Digg Proof

digg effectAs you know, I recently posted a LunarPages web Hosting Rebate offer for problogineer readers and someone asked me “whether wordpress blog hosted on best shared hosting plan can survive digg effect (also known as digg frontpage, slashdot effect) or not ?”

Though I have not experienced this digg effect, but I can say WP Super Cache WordPress Plugin can make your blog digg proof :eek:. Once you will install this plugin, there is a special option/setting for Digg/slashdot effect.

Even they have following checkbox option

Proudly tell the world your server is Digg proof! (places a message in your blog’s footer)

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If you know more such tips to make blog digg proof, let me know via comments. BTW – can you make this happen by digging this post to digg homepage !! :lol:

Learning From Experience

Recently I had lot of bad expereinces. Firstly my blog was suspended before few days, then problem with my affiliate marketing company and now in domaining. Usually I buy domain names from Namecheap or Godaddy and currently I have around 25 websites and 2 undeveloped domains on which I am earning some money via parking domain. This is the first time I bought a domain from EnomCentral.

Someone was selling a nice blogging related domain name and I bought it from him. It is registered on Enom and so he pushed it free to my newly created enom account. But I was surprised to see that :

  • Their prices for renewal/registration are very high – around $30/year ; while that on Godaddy/namecheap is around $6-10 per year. :eek:
  • They charge $30 for domain transfer out of enom while free on others.
  • Don’t have paypal payment option
  • Takes very long time in DNS transfer. Not sure if it is because of domain registrar company, but it is taking a long time. It’s more than 36 hours now and still no DNS propogation here. Usually it propogates fully within few minutes/hours on rest.

So the moral of the story is – buy things only from reliable, popular and long-existing companies even if you have to spend few more dollars. Infact, that would save you money in long run (I wasted a full day and money in hiring a freelancer for my blog transfer – duh )

BTW – A blog contest is coming soon – Sponsorship and suggestions are open – contest me soon. ;)

WordPress Forum Plugin

forum pluginOnce I decided to start a discussion forum on my wordpress blog to make my site a complete resource for blogging and web development tips. There are many forum scripts available on the new – including the free PHPB3 and the paid vbulletin scripts.

I thought there must be some wordpress forum plugin for this and to my surprise, there were many. :eek: That makes wordpress not just a blogging script – thats a complete CMS..

Here are the 2 well knows wordpress forum plugins

Hope you will find them useful. If you know more such plugins, let me know. I will add them to this list. Happy Blogging ! :D

Buy Sell Incontent Text link Ads

inlinksHere is a special promotional offer for Problogineer subscribers and readers. Get incontent text link ads worth $100 for only $1. There is no catch, no hidden TOS – You will get high PR links worth $100 for $1 only. This is for the first month only. Follow this link and enter 100free coupon code at the checkout. Click the advertiser icon, signup with them, search your keywords, select upto $100 worth links, enter the coupon 100free, pay $1 via paypal/credit card and you are all done.

The popular text link broker Text-link-ads recently launched a new site specialized for buying and selling incontent links on a website.

Bloggers Make money :

Bloggers, looking to monetize their site, can signup with inlinks for free. Approval is instant and automatic. After registration, just submit your blog and install their plugin to get activated. Installation is easy, just upload their plugin compatible with wordpress, movabletype and drupal scripts. You will get successful script installation mail.

This links are not like kontera which popups when someone hover over them, nor like adsense where you are paid only when someone clicks. This are fixed monthly priced text ads and price will be decided by them according to site traffic, popularity and many other factors. Once an advertise buys an incontent text link on your post, you will get notified via mail – then you can either accept or reject the link as per your will.

Payments are made on 1st of every month via paypal, check and payoneer. The bad part is they take away 50% of your sales. And yes, you can run them along with adsense or other monetization programs. Bloggers from all over the world are invited to participate.

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