Twitter is fast becoming one of top social networking websites on the internet today. Even i am on Twitter you can follow me here. Below are 57 tools to help you to get the most out of twitter.

Windows Applications and Widgets.

Triqqr – Lets you view profiles and submit tweets.

TwitBox – View, post and reply to tweets.

Twitterlicious – check messages and update tweets..

Twitteroo – Client with rurl URL shortening.

Chirrup – Comes with Japanese language support.

TwittIt – A easy way of tweeting.

MadTwitter – A reincarnation of Twitterrific, except on Windows.

Twitter CLI – Post tweets via the command line.

What’s Up? – View your friends latest tweets.

Twadget – Submit your tweets using your vista sidebar.

Twitter-Sync for Yahoo – Syncs Twitter status with Yahoo Messenger status.

TwitterYM – Simple Yahoo Messenger status updater.

Twessenger – Updates Live Messenger status to reflect latest tweet.

Twit4Live – Use messanger to submit tweets.

Mac applications and widgets.

Twitterrific – Lets you submit tweets and read the ones you have`nt read.

TwitterPost – Basic tweet submitter.

Twitgit – Read tweets and submit from the dashboard.

– Schedule tweets to be posted ahead of time with a simple Dashboard widget.

Twitterlex – Dashboard widget to view your friends tweets.

Twidget – Update your Twitter status within Dashboard.

TikiTwit – Match your iChat status to your last tweet.

Linux Applications and widgets.

BLT – Perl script that lets you see what your friends are doing right from the Terminal.

Twitter for Vim – Publish tweets right within Vim.

ZenTwitter – A GUI frontend for Twitter using zenity and curl.

Twitux – Twitter client for the GNOME desktop.

gTwitter – GTK+ based app inspired by Twitterrific.

Twitter.el – Publish tweets while in Emacs.

Twitbar – Post tweets from the GNOME deskbar.

Twit.el – Another utility that allows publishing of tweets within Emacs.

Cross-platform Application and widgets.

Tweetr – Submit tweets, upload files, urltea built in, delete messages.

Spaz – Cross-platform client built with AIR.

Tweeter – Java based client with customizable UI.

Twinja – AIR based client which allows you to follow users on the fly.


Twitterverse – Search through archived public timelines and tweets.

Twittersearch – Search Twitter and tweets by word.

Terraminds – Search for specific users or tweets.

TwitDir – Allows user to search for users by name, location, or username.

Browser Plugins

TwitBin – Send and view tweets right within Firefox.

TwittyTunes – A FoxyTunes addon that posts what you’re currently listening to Twitter.

Shareaholic – Share links and webpages via Twitter right within Firefox.

Search Plugin – Tweet right from the Firefox search box.

Tweetbar – Put Twitter on your Firefox sidebar.

Twippera – Twitter widget for Opera that can send and view tweets.

TwitterFox – Compact Firefox extension that can publish and view tweets.


iTweet – A mobile Twitter site designed for the iPhone.

iTwit – Mobile version of Twitter made for the iPhone.

Tweeter – Twitter on your mobile phone while avoiding text message charges.

Jargong – Browse Flickr, do some social networking, but most importantly, check and publish tweets.

WildSets – Extensve Twitter app for mobile phones.

TwitterBerry – Twitter built for various BlackBerry devices. Update and view timelines with ease.

jTwitter – View timelines, enter updates, and more, all on your mobile phone.

TreoTwit – Easily check and update your Twitter right from your Treo.


Twittervision – See where in the world people are submitting tweets from, real time.

TwitThis – Allow visitors to your site to easily share a page or post via Twitter.

MoniTwitter – Receive important updates about your site via Twitter.

TwitterNotes – Share private or public notes via Twitter.

RSS2Twitter – Share any RSS feed on Twitter, and have new RSS items automatically be tweeted.

TwitterBuzz – Find out what is being most linked to on Twitter.

Twitterholic – Shows the top users and accounts on Twitter.