Everybody wants traffic to their website but for some reason not everybody gets it. The Internet is a very competitive place with most niches having thousands of people competing against each over for traffic and sales.

One thing that can help you get above your competitors and receive the traffic is to make sure your website is well designed and not full of errors. Here are some of the common problems that will prevent a website performing will in the search engines.

Not coded correctly:

Many websites use old or very badly put together HTML using bold tags where strong tags should be and H2 tags instead of H1 tags. A properly coded website will make it easier to be indexed and faster to load. Check out http://validator.w3.org/ as this is an excellent tool for checking validity of a websites code.

Incorrect titles:

Search engines will use your titles as links back to your website so make sure you use them and place your keywords in their as well but don’t do what many people do and stuff their titles with keywords this will just result in no traffic.

Black hat SEO:

Black hat SEO is big big no no when it comes to building websites with this you are asking for a ban. Examples include hiding links and keywords with your code.

Not interested in Web 2:

Not including links to web 2 websites such as Stumble or Digg will leave you at a big disadvantage right from the start.

Wow easy on the flash:

Flash is useless if you want to be indexed as search engines cant read it and more to the point many visitors will not like it.

Boring Boring:

The content on your website is too boring and people don’t want to read it. Even if you have the best looking website around your content has to be just as good.

Duplicate content:

You have been copy and pasting content from other websites. This will get you no where as search engines love quality unique content. One common dupe content issue is many people trying to promote the same affiliate products with out changing the default text.