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How To Motivate Your Team

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The success of any business depends on people, which is why good teamwork is essential for success. So let’s consider how a project manager can improve teamwork.

Projects, of course, involve people; those who have initiated the project, the end-users and, more importantly, those who will manage and carry out the work to make the project a reality. And the success of any project depends on these individuals, which is why good teamwork is essential for successful project delivery. So let’s consider how a project manager can improve teamwork.

It is never enough to have a good project plan, a well-defined risk management process and effective communication even though plenty of project managers would be glad of those right now. The key to successful project management is to ensure the project team is motivated and works well together. One way of encouraging and motivating a team is to identify their strengths and any opportunities that might be presented by the project.

Move Over iPhone Here Comes a New Ethical Smartphone

Fairphone 2 was launched at the end of 2015 as the second implementation of the successful Fairphone, which was the first ever ‘ethical smartphone’ to be produced back in 2013. One of the many advantages of the Fairphone 2 is that it is a step in the right direction for reducing e-waste. Even with the Waste Electrical and Elelctronic Equipment Directive in place – the WEEE Regulations – there is still a growing problem worldwide with electronic waste.

The Fairphone is produced by an Amsterdam-based social enterprise and its production is also improving the working conditions for the people working on manufacturing it in China, which is good news for a company suffering serious health and environmental impacts because of it’s willingness to import much of the world’s electronic waste to dispose of in huge landfill sites.

Yet another advantage of the Fairphone that enables it to be described as an ethical smartphone is that it does not use any materials in its production that have come from conflict mines.

60,000 people that bought the original phone so what’s new in the second version?

The Fairphone 2 aims to change the consumers “throwaway” attitude to electronic gadgets, which is contributing to the growing e-waste mountain. It has done this by being designed in such a way that it is easy to repair – a simple matter that could have a huge impact.

The phone can be opened easily, unlike many of its more well-known competitors, and it is built in a way that makes it easy to repair with spare parts readily available from This easily-repairable design should encourage consumers to change their attitude towards a broken phone and make their first reaction one to try and have the problem fixed instead of assuming the only solution is to discard the old device and replace it with a new one. The Fairphone 2 is a step in the right direction towards a circular economy instead of the “take, make, use, dispose” attitude of our current linear economy.

How To Bring Traffic To A Blog

Sometimes the hardest part of running a blog is not in creating the content itself, but in building up good levels of site traffic, and encouraging new and repeat visitors. Here are some tips on how to promote your website and blog, and keep it up to date and relevant:

Web Presence

If you are publishing online you need to be a part of the whole web scene, and create a good web presence that will reach as many people as possible and draw them through to your blog. This is often referred to as ‘social media marketing’ and is basically a way of marketing by utilizing the popular and varied social media scene on the Internet.

Social networking is an excellent way to increase your web presence and every time you create a profile or post, or send a message to your online friends and colleagues, make sure you include a link back to your website and tell everyone about your blog. For instance, you post a detailed blog about, say, the best project management qualifications but you want to make sure your Twitter followers, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn followers are all made aware that you are an expert in project management and have published a definitive guide to project management. You can, of course, do this manually but there are also tools (such as Wordpress plugins) that can help you to automate this process.
Also take time to look at other prominent blogs on the web (especially those that cover similar subjects to yours), and leave comments and posts that have details of your blog and link back to your website.
Post relevant articles on reputable sites too if there are opportunities for guest blogs. For example if your blog is about project management then post articles about project management qualifications and PM training courses for example, and leave a visitor hook in each article such as ‘find out more at …’ and then put your website link so that the person reading the article is encouraged to visit your blog for more details.
Visit forums that are related to your blog and make posts, again leaving links and details that lead back to your website and blog.

Prepaid Mobile Broadband for Small Businesses

In our huge world where we all co-exist in different countries, cultures and time zones, digital communication is the only means to keep various regions connected with each other. Actual wires may connect many parts of the earth – and I’m always astonished to think of the cables running across the floor of the world’s great oceans – but in our advanced digital world an eminent network should not rely on physical connections and should no longer be hindered by tangible obstacles.

The alternative of course is an unobstructed connection facilitated by mobile broadband and wireless broadband.

There is a slight difference between these two terminologies. Wireless broadband is analogous to a cordless phone; it is a technology that works well within a small coverage area just like your cordless phone at home works in and around the house but if you wander off down to the end of the garden and outside range of the base unit then you will lose your connection.

Mobile broadband on the other hand is comparable to the use of mobile phones that have coverage seemingly anywhere and everywhere provided they are within range of a mast.

There are various providers of mobile broadband. The speeds they deliver are almost in the same range. The dependencies and effects of the significant 3G and 4G carriers on mobile broadband service providers is due to the fact that these providers resell the bandwidth offered by those carriers. There are two distinguished classes of service rendered by the prepaid broadband providers. Some of them are beneficial for occasional usage while the others are better for continuous usage.

Best Paid Premium WordPress Themes

Lots of paid and free WordPress themes are available on the market these days. As WordPress’ popularity is increasing day by day, many of the top web designers are using free and paid premium Wordpress themes to develop even large commercial websites. Long gone are the days when Wordpress was merely a blogging app.

The advantages of paid premium WordPress themes are that they give a much more professional look to your site in addition to providing installation and after sales support. They also have exceptionally great features, future free updates and much more.

Recently one of my favourite companies for premium themes, Wpnow, was offering great unique themes at very affordable rates – and no annual recurring charge, this was just a one time fee. I bought 2 of their collection and was really satisfied with their design and, perhaps more importantly, their after sales support. Check them out if you want an inexpensive premium wordpress theme for your site to give a branded professional look and avoid the standard look found with the free themes.

Learn PPC – Pay Per Click Marketing

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Top WordPress Plugins

The main reasons why Wordpress is such a popular website builder and blogging app are:

There are always frequent updates to the script meaning your information and data are at less risk from unscrupulous hackers.
New features are added in every release enablng you to easily and quickly update your website or blog to take advantage of the new features.
Amazing wordpress plugins are being developed every day (many of them free to use) that mean you don’t have to be a coding whizz or have a huge budget to get a great looking site.
Lots of cool wordpress themes to choose from so that your site reflects your business
Wordpress is a secure blogging platform and website building app

Yes, as you might have guessed I am very much fond of Wordpress plugins and frequently browse the latest plugins list for new and updated plugins. I would like to share with you some of my top favourite wordpress plugins; they will all make your life that much easier

Create a Review Site With The WPReviewEngine WordPress Plugin

We all know how useful Wordpress is when it comes to creating a variety of website types as well as for straightforward blogs. It’s ease-of use in addition to the rage of ready-made themes and plugins to extend a website capabilities has contributed to making Wordpress the website building application of choice for everyone from the humblest blogger to web developers creating commercial sites.

Whether you are a part-time blogger who wants a simple blog to discuss the topics important to you or a medium sized company looking for a budget-conscious way to get a new website (or anything in between) then you can benefit from all the advantages Wordpress brings. Contemporary, mobile responsive themes that make colours, layout and other aspects of web design a doddle. Plugins that allow you to easily add functionality such as search engine optimisation feature, reliable cloud backups or adding social sharing buttons.

For small businesses this is the perfect way to create a new website; it is affordable, easy to choose a suitable design and, even better, easy for you or one of your employees to keep updated without the additional costs of getting a web developer to do it in those early days when you are growing your business.

It is also now possible to create highly profitable review sites with the popular WordPress app together with the WPReviewEngine plugin. You can use the WordPress review site plugin to upgrade either a standalone WordPress site or an existing blog and turn it into a content rich review site with strong affiliate links. The WPReviewEngine plugin is quick and easy to install and offers a number of features including star ratings, comparison tables, customizable display options and sidebar widgets.

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