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Jobs You Can Do From Home To Boost Your Income

If you have spare time, you have spare capacity to earn. Here we offer examples of jobs you can do from home to boost your income whether you are a stay-at-home parent, supplementing your main income or looking to pay off your student debt. Earning a little bit more can help you become more financially responsible.

Everybody would like more money, that is a natural thing, especially when it seems like all your money is accounted for every month. You might think you already work all day so you have no time to earn any more, but that is where you are wrong. You can earn more than you think and avoid borrowing money.

Working from home is the way forward for men and women so we also look at the different ways men and women manage money. And, how borrowing habits differ – we even discuss whether women are better than men at managing money! If you are at home you have the capacity to boost your income, all you usually need is an internet connection. Why wouldn’t you want to earn extra cash in your PJ’s and get a boost managing the household budget? And boosting your income is a great way to pay off your debt more quickly and avoid becoming dependent on credit cards, guarantor loans and bad credit loans – giving you a chance of a debt-free future.

Reasons to set up a limited company

Setting up a limited company will mean more administration and more paperwork than if you are a sole trader but there are many advantages to being a limited company, not least eliminating and personal financial liability. When a sole trading… Continue Reading →

How To Write a Basic Business Plan

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Many business owners find the thought of writing a business plan very daunting, so much so, that many of them never write one at all. But recent research suggests that SMEs could make more profit if they had a plan in place so no matter how difficult it might seem, now is the time to write a business plan if you haven’t done so already. And, actually, it is not as difficult as you might think.

A business plan is intended to clarify what the aims and objectives of the business are and how they will be achieved. It is, of course, also essential if you need to find a loan or other type of financing.

Here are the fundamental steps involved in writing a basic business plan…

Has It Become Easier To Obtain a Business Loan?

The business loan drought which has prevented many millions of new businesses from getting the business loan they need in recent years is finally over. That’s the view of the Bank of England whose new report says that banks and building societies are showing ‘an increased willingness’ to lend.

Could Your New Business Loan Be From a Building Society?

Traditionally, if you were looking for the best loans in the UK for a small business then you would be unlikely to approach a building society because they have typically had relatively low lending limits and offered only small loans,… Continue Reading →

Making The Most of a Start Up Business Loan

A start up business loan is a must for anyone who wants to start their own business but does not have the cash to finance their business start up. You can get start up business loans locally from banks and… Continue Reading →

Why life insurance is vital if you have a small business

It’s rare that you meet a small business owner who buys life insurance to protect all their debt.  If you own a small business, it’s possible that you have never even considered the need for life cover. However, there are… Continue Reading →

Finding a Business Startup Loan That’s Right For You

Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss, owning your own business, being successful? You may lack the funding to realize your dream of becoming a business owner. Perhaps you think that getting a loan to start your new… Continue Reading →

Lenders must assess small business loan applicants more closely

New lending rules require lenders to more closely assess whether a borrower can afford their small business loans. However, it has emerged that many mainstream lenders have already implemented more rigorous checks which are likely to see more people refused… Continue Reading →

Bad Credit Business Loans – Funds to Manage Your Business

A business is full of uncertainties and profit and loss is part and parcel of such ventures. But usually a borrower finds himself in a trouble if a bad credit score is added to his financial status. At such times… Continue Reading →

Commercial Mortgage Loan – All You Need To Know

When planning to develop commercial real estate, it can be difficult to overcome the financial hurdles that come with starting a business unless you possess a lot of cash up front. Fortunately, commercial mortgage loans make it possible for many… Continue Reading →

Small Business Funding – The Business Cash Advance

With traditional methods of business financing no longer available, many small businesses are getting innovative, creative, and sometimes even extreme to get the money they need to ensure the stability of their businesses. As bank loans are out of the… Continue Reading →

Applying For a Small Business Loan: A Guide

Everyone has their own views and dreams in their life. When it comes to business especially people have high expectation’s about their career and business. Raising capital is one of the initial steps required to start up; since there is… Continue Reading →

Bridging Loans: Are They A Good Idea?

Most people require a loan at some point in their life. There are many specific types of loans that you can choose from. However, you should be clear about the main differences between bridging loans and bridging finance, in the… Continue Reading →

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