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Improving Sales

Strategies to Deliver Better Customer Satisfaction

Loyal customers are the bread-and-butter of your business. Loyal customers need less “hard sell” to get them to place repeat orders. They keep coming back and, as long as you keep offering them a good relationship, they are worth hundreds… Continue Reading →

Are You Delivering Customer Satisfaction?

Many companies are so keen to attract new business that they can neglect their existing customers. That’s certainly how I feel (neglected, that is) after banking with the same bank for 20 years  and discovering that new customers are getting… Continue Reading →

Improving Sales Forecasting Accuracy: Tools And Techniques

Being able to accurately forecast your sales figures is vital in any business in order to set and meet targets and identify areas which may need improvement; or, indeed, areas which you can rely upon to bring in big numbers…. Continue Reading →

Improving Your Sales Process With Consultative Selling Skills

Being good at sales isn’t just luck and despite what some may think, good sales people aren’t born with a special skill that sets them apart from everyone else. They best sales people are hard workers who have a well-practiced… Continue Reading →

How to Increase Sales: 4 Effective Ideas

Increasing sales is on top of everyone’s list of priorities if you work in business. No matter what industry you work in, finding an effective formula to increase sales numbers is akin to the search for the Holy Grail. While… Continue Reading →

How to Improve Sales Skills and Techniques

As buyers become more knowledgeable and competition increases, it is vital that sales teams are capable of improving and developing their skills and techniques in order to stay ahead in any industry. The sales processes which worked well 10 or… Continue Reading →

Getting more value from Salesforce

Are you still using Salesforce as just a contact manager and tracker instead of wholly a part of the sales process? Salesforce is an immensely powerful customer relationship management ecosystem that can completely revolutionise customer handling across your entire organisation… Continue Reading →

Getting more value from Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The decision to implement a CRM is not one to be taken lightly and even a small implementation of Microsoft Dynamics can be a considerable chunk of your annual IT budget.   Which is why it is important to be… Continue Reading →

How to consistently deliver shareholder value

Shareholder value is a nebulous concept. For some investors it simply means increasing the price of shares, but this is a rather short-termist definition as, especially in bubble situations, it is possible for the share-price to be rising but at… Continue Reading →

The Biggest Salesforce Implementation Mistakes You’re Making

A common complaint in sales departments across the country is that their CRM has promised more than it has achieved. It’s promised to increase sales, improve customer retention and make it easier to gauge how well each sales team is… Continue Reading →

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