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31 Ways You Can Improve Your Business

It does not matter what sort of business you run, whether it is a coffee shop or a financial services firm, you are always going to be on the lookout to achieve more. With that in mind, let’s take a… Continue Reading →

3 Analytics You Need to Keep Track of to Sustain Your Online Business

In business there are many metrics that you can keep track of. A lot of organizations like to track metrics that simply make them look good and they showcase these to the public to leave a better impression on people…. Continue Reading →

All Set to Apptimize Project Management? 5 Factors You Need to Consider

Project management software is an indispensable solution that saves every business from getting overwhelmed in handling a portfolio of several projects simultaneously. Although there is no substitute for the skills that a project manager can have, simple project management software… Continue Reading →

Small Businesses: Storage = Good Business Sense

Small businesses have particular needs when it comes to storage. Self storage provides cheap, secure space that is flexible for businesses to use. Here we look at the benefits of self storage for a small business.

Within the last year, self storage as an industry has near enough exploded with activity. The rise is thought to be because of lots of different factors, the main one being that digital retailers are using cheap self storage commercially because of the huge increase in online consumer sales. Basically everyone wants to buy goods online and online retailers need somewhere flexible and cost effective to keep those goods.

How to Setup a Limited Company and Become Your Own Boss

There are many countries across the globe that have great opportunities and wonderful locations to start a business. There is always scope for a bigger market and success there. In some countries, the laws of the state will consider your… Continue Reading →

Ideas For a Home-Based Business That Work

Are you tired of working for someone else, of having to implement someone else’s ideas and getting embroiled in office politics? Are you tired of working a full-time job and still barely being able to make ends meet? Having to rely on borrowing doorstep loans or secured loans when you have an unexpected expense? Have you dreamt of the financial freedom of becoming your own boss but don’t know where to start; haven’t got that “great idea” you think you need?

Believe it or not successful businesses don’t have to be based on a unique idea – they simply have to do what they do very well and better than the competitors. There are literally thousands of options to choose from when starting your own home-based business and it has never been easier to become your own boss so, if not now, when?

How To Motivate Your Team

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The success of any business depends on people, which is why good teamwork is essential for success. So let’s consider how a project manager can improve teamwork.

Projects, of course, involve people; those who have initiated the project, the end-users and, more importantly, those who will manage and carry out the work to make the project a reality. And the success of any project depends on these individuals, which is why good teamwork is essential for successful project delivery. So let’s consider how a project manager can improve teamwork.

It is never enough to have a good project plan, a well-defined risk management process and effective communication even though plenty of project managers would be glad of those right now. The key to successful project management is to ensure the project team is motivated and works well together. One way of encouraging and motivating a team is to identify their strengths and any opportunities that might be presented by the project.

How to Manage Meetings Effectively

In order to be effective, all meetings should have a clear objective stated in advance and a detailed agenda distributed to all attendees prior to the meeting. Whatever type of meeting it is, a sales progress meeting, a project status update meeting or a planning meeting every successful meeting needs at least a stated purpose and a well thought out agenda.

If, for instance, it is a sales meeting and you plan to discuss implementing commitment based selling and possibly sales training courses for your sales team remember that everyone has a finite concentration span and any meeting longer than an hour should be well-justified. Anything expected to be longer than two hours should be cut down to two or more separate meetings at least a day apart in order to be effective.

Scaling Your Document Archiving Needs to the Size of your Business

Sooner or later, every startup or small business will need to upgrade its document archiving system. Scaling up will come sooner than you think, especially when you consider the vast amount of information, documents, data and so on you create in any given month. Understanding how and why the capacity of your document archiving needs to be addressed sooner rather than later is important for every business.

We live in a data hungry world where, for the smallest of purchases online, companies seem to gather a large amount of information. And there are other threats to archiving and storage; cyber-attacks impact on how and why some information is kept.

Thus, you may find the statutory and legal obligations placed on your business when it comes to archiving documents is growing;

My Business Is Not Failing, It’s Not

Maybe we are all reluctant to accept that our business might be failing but with high failure rates of businesses in many sectors we should make sure we are able to spot the warning signs and the act on them… Continue Reading →

First Steps to Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own business is exciting but involves hard work. You will have to do, or at least be aware of, every aspect of running a small business to comply with regulations, handle finances and deal with staff. And that’s… Continue Reading →

Tips For Protecting Your Data On iCloud

Recent major security breaches have involved celebrities having pictures and other sensitive data being stolen from their Apple devices. This led a lot of people to question the security of iCloud. Whilst you may not be an A-lister, this does… Continue Reading →

Cyber Security For StartUps

A lot of small business owners make the mistake of thinking ‘it won’t happen to me’ when it comes to cyber security breaches. We often have a tendency to assume that cyber attacks only happen to big organisations and conglomerates…. Continue Reading →

How the Internet is Helping Bricks & Mortar Businesses Expand their Customer Base

Most large retail companies now have a well-established website and e-commerce facility (if relevant) that complements their bricks and mortar locations and reinforces their brand. Having a strong online presence can expand awareness of their brand and products to a… Continue Reading →

Starting Your Own Business in Tough Economic Times

Almost the entire Western world suffered from the recent recession with redundancies and severe cost-cutting measures at an all time high. And the job losses were not only confined to the hire-’em and fire-’em companies who traditionally shed staff in tough economic times. The latest recession affected employees from large and small companies, from family owned businesses and blue-chip corporations. Even the public sector, usually immune from redundancies, had to make cuts in a way unheard of in recent times.

Prepaid Mobile Broadband for Small Businesses

In our huge world where we all co-exist in different countries, cultures and time zones, digital communication is the only means to keep various regions connected with each other. Actual wires may connect many parts of the earth – and I’m always astonished to think of the cables running across the floor of the world’s great oceans – but in our advanced digital world an eminent network should not rely on physical connections and should no longer be hindered by tangible obstacles.

The alternative of course is an unobstructed connection facilitated by mobile broadband and wireless broadband.

There is a slight difference between these two terminologies. Wireless broadband is analogous to a cordless phone; it is a technology that works well within a small coverage area just like your cordless phone at home works in and around the house but if you wander off down to the end of the garden and outside range of the base unit then you will lose your connection.

Mobile broadband on the other hand is comparable to the use of mobile phones that have coverage seemingly anywhere and everywhere provided they are within range of a mast.

There are various providers of mobile broadband. The speeds they deliver are almost in the same range. The dependencies and effects of the significant 3G and 4G carriers on mobile broadband service providers is due to the fact that these providers resell the bandwidth offered by those carriers. There are two distinguished classes of service rendered by the prepaid broadband providers. Some of them are beneficial for occasional usage while the others are better for continuous usage.

Best Paid Premium WordPress Themes

Lots of paid and free WordPress themes are available on the market these days. As WordPress’ popularity is increasing day by day, many of the top web designers are using free and paid premium Wordpress themes to develop even large commercial websites. Long gone are the days when Wordpress was merely a blogging app.

The advantages of paid premium WordPress themes are that they give a much more professional look to your site in addition to providing installation and after sales support. They also have exceptionally great features, future free updates and much more.

Recently one of my favourite companies for premium themes, Wpnow, was offering great unique themes at very affordable rates – and no annual recurring charge, this was just a one time fee. I bought 2 of their collection and was really satisfied with their design and, perhaps more importantly, their after sales support. Check them out if you want an inexpensive premium wordpress theme for your site to give a branded professional look and avoid the standard look found with the free themes.

10 Ideas for starting up your own business

We all know how tough the recent recession was, and was for a long time. Even though it is now technically over a common topic of conversation still seems to be about job losses, fear of job losses and possibilities for starting up a small business with a redundancy payment.

So that got me thinking about what type of small business could be started up with a modest capital outlay, but more importantly a business that could survive and thrive if there is another recession.

I’m sure many of you have had those conversations and arguments about what products and services you will continue to buy or use no matter what. Not everyone will agree (please let me know your thoughts) but here is a list of Top Ten businesses that will survive a recession

Finding a New Home for your Home Based Business

If you are fortunate enough to be moving house soon, no doubt you will be excited, but you will also have started to realise just how expensive all the moving costs will be. So how can you keep moving costs… Continue Reading →

BYOD for Small Businesses

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is already well established in many larger companies as well as smaller ones. It’s not only big business that is taking advantage of all BYOD has to offer. One of the first things that any company needs to consider before anything else is a good policy. Establishing a comprehensive BYOD policy is the underpinning to any successful BYOD programme. We spoke to commercial asset recycling company Coara, based in London, to discuss how they had implemented their policy. The security of their system was especially important because they handle confidential waste disposal and IT recycling on a daily basis so understand the issues involved.

Employees should be provided with proper direction for using their own devices within a working capacity. IT departments also need the authority to manage employee-owned devices and to do so with as much authority as they previously did with company-owned devices.

Some of the most important points to address within a successful policy are naming the devices which are approved by management and security procedures.

There are many benefits for both employee and management in terms of BYOD and these include more power for employees to self-manage which in turn gives employees more confidence in their position of trust within a company; IT hours are saved as employees can update and manage things to a certain extent themselves.

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