How many Affiliate marketers do you know that have made mistakes. Probably quite a lot I should imagine as it is far easier to make mistakes than getting it right mainly because of being too idle to do anything about it.

Hell even I have made mistakes we all do it at some time. So what are the most common mistakes that Affiliate marketers make and how to you fix them.

1. Incorrect Product Choice.

In my own opinion this is probably the biggest mistake people make when affiliate marketing. They go to sites such as Clickbank and instead of researching products and finding ones that match their content they place any old product on their website and cross their fingers.

If you want to achieve more success with affiliate marketing make sure to do some research and match the products to your website.

2. Same Old Messages.

What many affiliate marketers don’t realise is the amount of competition there is out there on the Internet. Hundreds of people all trying to sell the same product and sending out the same Pre-made ads to the masses.

When you sign up to an affiliate program don’t go straight for their pre made emails and blog posts make your own unique, eye catching and quality ads these will not only do better but will rank you higher in search engines.

3. Too Afraid.

My final mistake is far too many affiliate marketers are afraid and therefore stick to the same old tried and tested methods of promotion.

Be adventurous and try other things out DO NOT be afraid to try new methods, yes it might fail the first time but keep going and you will succeed.

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