Being an internet marketer doesn’t mean sitting at the beach like you see on all those “Make a thousand Dollars in 20 days” websites… Being an internet marketer means that you need to do your work on a daily basis. You simply can’t be lazy, this is a business… it’s Your business!

Your daily work should look something like this:

1.) Either write an article, create a video or a Squidoo Lense.

2.) An article should be distributed like explained in the chapter above. A video will be submitted to YouTube and other video sites and then the embedded code will be posted on the Profit Work From Home website. A Squidoo Lense will simply be bookmarked.

3.) A short review of your new piece of content should now be added to social sites and your sub-blogs to get some links to the main post.

4.) While you are at the social sites you can communicate a little bit with others, join some new groups or add new widgets to your profile.

5.) Finally you generate some more traffic through methods like safe list posting, viral traffic exchanges and other marketing methods.

6.) When you have some time left, then start to research new topics and strategies within your internet marketing niche. You want to learn new stuff on a regular basis, so that you can provide new strategies to your opt-in list or blog about things you have successfully implemented.