Payday Mansion is the best payday loan affiliate program in the United States and the United Kingdom. We have started to run the business in both countries to exploit occasion of fastly growing payday loan market, but also growing interest in affiliates programmes. Payday loan market is very competitive, and so is the affiliate marketing industry that supports it. Thank to expertise in the field of affiliate programmes and payday loan market, we offer the best cooperation conditions to affiliates. No affiliate programme can compare to us, in terms of marketing support and commission fee.

The highest commission in the industry.

It is rather normal when company that specializes in one field achieves better results, thanks to broader knowledge and experience it can offer. PaydayMansion chose to work with payday loan companies that buy payday loan leads. We have the best access to these companies, therefore offer of payday loans is the broadest in the market. It increases chances to generate good traffic and sell leads. What’s the result? Higher commission, of course. You can get the highest remuneration in the industry, often without any special effort.

We consult it all with affiliates.

We are the best cash advance program only thanks to you. It is not only a daily work in generating traffic and launching promotional campaigns. We often stop and look at what we did, how we did, and what are its results. We discuss rules of programme with affiliates.  PaydayMansion from its very first day, is the programme which tangible part is the information and advice we got from experienced webmasters.


Enter our Members Area

We always seek for talented webmasters who will join our programme. PaydayMansion is an exclusive programme, but not entirely closed for new members.  We mainly base on recommendations of our webmasters who refer to their friends and relatives. This is when you can get an invitation code and join us.

The sign-up procedure is really simple,. We will; only ask you to give us your personal data, address, the website URL. You will have to inform us what marketing methods  you are going to use. When your application is accepted, you can enter the members area.

The dashboard inside the member area is very user-friendly. Its layout and design were made to ease the navigation and get all information you need  in no time.


Affiliate platform


If you have any problems when working with us as an affiliate do not wait and contact. On ICQ, Skype, and e-mail we are at your disposal.


Summary report

Landing Pages and many, many more…

We feel obliged to give you as many marketing methods, as there are available. The best affiliate programme which is  PaydayMansion gives you possibility to use landing pages, banner campaigns, CPC campaigns, mobile applications, pop-under, popups and many more. If you consult the whole thing with our affiliate manager, you may use social media and job lists.




Sample landing page





Sample landing page


Sample landing page


You can use and optimize banners, so that Internet users enter your landing page and type in all information needed to classify them as full-value leads. But before we do so, we have to verify them. When positive  leads are listed in your statistics, and remuneration added to your account in member area.


Bulk site generator

Reports and Payments: The Dull and The Nice.

You can check all statistics in the dashboard, you can find all the details in the picture below. There are many aspects in which you can analyze information, and check on what ground you are standing.


Reports – Dashboard

We pay you money per every 14 days. Hold period is stated as such in the Affiliate Agreement. We send money to our affiliates by Paypal or WMZ. In some cases when transfer fees are high, we may extend the hold period.

It is highly likely that hold period will be shorter. In many cases our affiliates earn really great money. Then we are willing to shorten the hold  period. The best payday loan affiliates earn with us as much as 2-4 thousand USD  per day.

Payday Mansion mobile apps

With some help of mobile applications you can enhance your traffic and increase commission you get. We have designed  such an application especially for you. Our PaydayMobileApp was designed to work properly on iPhone and Android operating systems. With this application you are able to reach more people and generate more leads. You just generate mobile links and send them to your friends and relatives. The traffic you will generate on mobile devices  will be monitored by our innovative tracking system. When signing up, you are given your unique affiliate ID. Thanks to this we know about all downloads, and added it your traffic. Commission for you ids 5% for each download.


Generating new mobile app links

Checkout the video review


Don’t you think that working with several affiliate programs at once is exhausting. When joining PaydayMansion you are given the biggest extent of support in the field of marketing methods, and the highest commission ratio in the industry. Enlist and see how professionals like you spread wings and make money that in other programs is beyond  your reach. With PaydayMansion you will see that everything is possible.