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Social Bookmarking – Who,What,How,Does and Impact

Social bookmarking websites allow users to bookmark their favorite links into categories and share them across a network with their friends. Members can also bookmark the links that have been submitted by other members.

Social bookmarking was first started way back in 1996 with a website called `itlist` sadly tis site is no longer around. But with the invention of Web 2 social bookmarking is once again thriving and this time its here to stay.

Who uses Social Bookmarking?

So just who is using social bookmarking? Simply put just about everybody is using it. One of the main uses for it is research by professional people. But it is now much much more than just another research tool. Web user from just about every walk of life are doing it.

Is it any wonder that with such an large amount of information being shared with large networks of friends instantly Internet marketers make social bookmarking a priority. Savvy marketers are using website such as Facebook and Myspace not only for fun but to promote and sell their services.
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All About Ecards

Perhaps one of the best things about the internet is the availability of the ecard, also known as the electronic greeting card. There is such a huge selection of sites that offer ecards, it is almost impossible to even conceive of a number.
The word “free” might in a sense be misleading, since the sites have to have some sort of income to exist. Hence, pop-up ads and cookies that provide for the junk mail we must endure for the seemingly free ecards. But to many, it is but a minor annoyance to endure such things for the sake of something free. Anything free seems to be a way to grab attention immediately, however temporary it may be for those who quickly learn that free is not always what it seems. Read the rest of this entry »

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