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8 Signs You Suck at Blogging

Are you a blogger? Do you often wonder why your blog gets no traffic and no subscribers? This is something many bloggers ask themselves every day. They blog regularly and the traffic just does not come.

I have come up with the top 8 reasons I believe that your blog sucks and if any of the tips below remind you of you then you know what you need to do too change things.

1. Your blogs theme is a load of rubbish and the layout is atrocious. You have too many ads overlapping and flashing in your visitor’s eyes and your text is too small to read.

2. You have copied your posts straight of another blog. Ask yourself this, if they have read it somewhere else why they would want to come to your blog to read it again. Plus duplicate content results in NO search engine traffic.

3. You don’t post enough. You should aim to update your blog every day or at least every other day. Once a week or month will not get you anywhere.

4. Your blog posts are incredibly boring. People don’t want to read about boring things, so if your life sucks and you blog about it then chances are your blog sucks.

5. You offer no response to your visitors, if they leave you a comment then respond to it and they will return.

6. Your blog posts are all made up. People soon get fed up when you exaggerate the truth. Blog honestly at all times to build trust.

7. You don’t spend enough time on your blog. Blogging is not just about posting regularly but also about changing things around on it as it gives the impression of being innovative.

8. You have lost the passion and no longer bother to post often. You are quite happy to make the pittance that your blog makes and leave it at that.

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Day 5 – The Complete Guide to Bum Marketing

Welcome to day 5 of our complete guide to Bum Marketing. In the last 4 posts we have talked about creating your articles and ways in which you can do this fast. Now that we can now write our articles quickly its time to move onto the next important step ` Product selection`.

Product Selection

IF you are to be a success in bum marketing you have to write the best articles, writing them about rubbish products is not going to get you anywhere. You could write the best article on the internet but if your product is rubbish you are not going to make any sales.

When it comes down to choosing your keywords you first need to see if there are any great products associated with them. Do not write your articles until you have had a look and found the right product. Goto and search your keywords to see what products you can find.

Make Your Article For Your Product.

What i have noticed is that many bum marketers fail in their attempts as they do not write a good article nor do they match it to a great product. Simply put dont write about football and link it to products for cricket.
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7 Steps To a Profit With Ezines

ezine.jpgArticles can be published via e-zines to increase your visibility throughout the Web. To make sure you’re doing things right, though, here are 7 tips to guide you through the process of writing articles for electronic magazines:

1. Select the most appropriate topic. The best topics are those that are both interesting and useful to your target market or those that are often searched. Identify the topics that appeal most to your target readers to make sure they’ll read your articles. Read the rest of this entry »

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