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6 Reasons Why Your Online Business Will Fail

Every day on the Internet hundreds of new online business`s are started and hundreds fail. With the Internet being so accessible to every one these days that will not come as a surprise. So how do you make sure you are not one of the failing websites.

Here is a list of 6 reasons why online business`s fail and what you should`nt be doing.

1. No research.

This is a common failure point, people don’t bother to do their research into the products they are going to be selling. You need to be thorough and see what your competition is up to in your chosen niche.
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Using a Squeeze Page To Build Your List

Building a huge opt-in mailing list can reap you the financial rewards you are looking for. But how do you build you list? The easiest way is to use a squeeze page and offer something for free just for joining your list as we do with our Yahoo Answers Guide which has so far added over 1000 subscribers to our list.

Setting up a squeeze page could not be simpler and in this article we discuss how to go about getting one up and running and getting the subscribers you are looking for. Read the rest of this entry »

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2008 The 5 Things My Blog Wants

Well 2008 is very nearly upon us and another year is almost over. 2007 saw many great things happen on the internet too many to mention. Now with the new rear dawning what have you got planned for your blog? Well below I have listed the 5 things I have planned for the coming year.
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