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Pagerank is Updating So Bloody What

So it’s that time of year again when the Almighty god of Google updates its pagerank and all the little green bar trolls start getting all overly excited. So bloody what who actually gives a damn about pagerank? not bloody me for starters.

What is the big deal with pr and why do the trolls get so excited? well because it means they can sell links on their websites for stupid amounts of money and then in 2-3 months time when God removes there pagerank they have something else to whinge about.

Pagerank makes absolutely no difference to a websites performance in the search engines what so ever regardless of what people might say. What it does do is mean people can charge for links which as we all know God does not like.

I see that once this update is complete my blog will be getting a pagerank of 3 and as far as I am concerned God can take is 3 and stick it right up his *$&%.

  • Will it improve my sites position in the serps NO
  • Will it get me more subscribers NO
  • Will it make me more money NO

So come tell us what you think we want to know.

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Is Plurk Going to be Bigger Than Twitter

The other day i came across a website that goes by the name of Plurk, but just what is plurk and is it really going to be bigger and better than twitter. Well from what i have seen of it so far the answer is oh yes it is and in a big way as well.

For starters your time line updates every time a new update or response is posted by your friends, Plurk also has features that are really useful like direct messaging to your friends and unlike twitter allows you to comment on items.
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