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6 Reasons Why Your Online Business Will Fail

Every day on the Internet hundreds of new online business`s are started and hundreds fail. With the Internet being so accessible to every one these days that will not come as a surprise. So how do you make sure you are not one of the failing websites.

Here is a list of 6 reasons why online business`s fail and what you should`nt be doing.

1. No research.

This is a common failure point, people don’t bother to do their research into the products they are going to be selling. You need to be thorough and see what your competition is up to in your chosen niche.
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Video Blogging – To Be Or NotTo Be

Video blogging does have its benefits over the normal text blogs, it is no surprise as to why this type of blogging is growing at such a high rate. Video blogs easily get your visitors full attention, and visitors would be more likely to watch a video than read a text post. The more animated your traffic gets about your blog, the quicker your blog spreads across the net with visitors telling their friends. Hence an increase in traffic.

But with every plus there is always a negative. Video blogs require a large amount of server space and bandwidth, which means it is not going to be cheap. It takes a lot longer to create your video, process it and then upload it, this means you will need to put in a lot more work then if you used text. In addition, many of your visitors will soon get fed up of slow loading videos. What ever you decide video or text it just depends on your chosen subject, and if you have the time you will need to devote to video blogging. It would be a good idea to research if there is ant orher way for you to get your point across before deciding to go with a video blog.

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