What is Bounce Rate? simply put it is the percentage of visitors to your website that leave from the page they landed on without viewing any other page on your website. A high rate generally means that your websites content is not what your visitors are looking for.

One way of reducing the bounce rate of your website is to link to relevant posts on your website. This reduces your bounce rate by getting your visitors to click on other pages of your website to view more content that they are interested in.

A high bounce rate, such as a 60% to 65% rate, is cause for worry. That means most of your visitors don’t find anything interesting enough in your site to hold their attention. If you can keep them in your site and entice them to view more pages, you’ll be able to raise your site’s performance and decrease its bounce rate.

Or to get more eyeballs stuck to your site, you can post videos on your site. Indeed, anything visual can be more appealing than a bunch of text on a site, no matter how compelling the message of that text is. It’s human nature to be more glued to images than texts.

Apart from helping to decrease your bounce rate videos also have other benefits.

  • Show of your products functionality.
  • Creates a buzz in marketing your product
  • Helps build your marketing list.

So how do you make the most of these benefits of using videos? Learn how to use videos to make your Internet marketing efforts more fruitful:

  • Use low cost or free tools such as http://camstudio.org/ to create online videos.
  • Before you begin write a short script and plan out your recording before you make a start.
  • Edit your video before you publish it, this will enable you to take out any mistakes.
  • Now your video is ready promote it across the internet. Here is a list of 45 Video Sharing Websites to help you.

The idea is to make your video as interesting and informative as possible. This will help in making it viral – bringing more traffic to your site and more sales.