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6 Reasons That You Need To Relocate Your Business ASAP

If you think you need to relocate your business somewhere better, you need to read this.

Relocating any business is a huge decision, particularly when it is not yet secure or established.

There are so many things that you need to do to prepare and it can take a long time to execute a business move properly. Even worse, if it is not planned properly it can actually damage your business a lot more than breaking the photocopier in transit.

It makes sense to fully understand that it is definitely time to relocate your business. To help you be sure a business move is a good idea, here are our top 6 reasons that you need to relocate your business ASAP:

Your Business Is Growing

If you are expanding at a slow and steady pace, and yet you are still running out of space, then it is probably time for you to expand. Colleagues who have to share a desk in close proximity, or a new staff member who doesn’t even have a new desk because there isn’t room are good signs that it is time to increase your capacity.

Your Location Is A Problem

Maybe the rates on the office that you rent are ridiculous. Maybe you are too far away from your main customer base.

The right location can make all the difference to a business. Being within a good distance of public transport is a plus. As is having the parking space for staff.

Maybe you need to be close to your business storage facility or warehouse? Only you know what is important to your business in terms of location.

 If your current location is costing you excess money or excess time, or just lots of problems in general, then that’s a good indication it’s time to move.

You Need A Fresh Customer Base

Sometimes we can have a business located in a great area for customers and then for some reason the area changes and that customer base is gone.

Or perhaps you simply exhausted the customer base local to you and you want some fresh pastures to explore.

Changing location can mean that you have an entirely new customer base that gives your business a boost. That could simply be through exposure of the brand, or it could be because of physical businesses nearby that will benefit your business.

Saving Money

Having remote staff and using cheap self storage instead of warehouse space can be a great way to save a lot of money when you are a small to medium business. Downsizing your business can be another reason that a smaller business premises is a good idea. You can save so much money by changing the amount of physical space that you require for your business.

If your office or warehouse rates have shot up recently, that can be another reason for moving your business elsewhere.

Building Facilities & Services

Perhaps you need a better security set up because your stock is worth more money than it did before. Maybe you need a smarter office location because your clientele is not impressed with the current edgy area you reside in. Relocating to somewhere that gives you a better brand image and facilities is a great idea if you can tell that your company needs it.

Relocating a business is never going to be easy, but it can be worthwhile if you take the time to consider the pros and cons carefully. Do your research and find out what’s best for your company. The payoff could well be worth it in the end.

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