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Apprenticeships are not what they used to be

If you have visions of having a successful career; working in a range of industries, companies and even countries. If you dream of working on the most exciting projects and enjoying every minute of it then you probably think you will have to have a good university degree to enable you to do this – even to have the possibility of doing this. But think again – careers are no longer as traditional as they once were – there are opportunities in jobs that didn’t exist a decade ago and even in traditional roles the way we view a career has changed.

Take apprenticeships for example – they used to be viewed as a way to train tradespeople – a slightly less academic choice of career. Yet now we have Higher apprenticeships such as the project management apprenticeship that results in a degree level qualification. Even in more traditional professions such as accountancy and engineering it is necessary to continue to take training courses and develop your skills and expertise throughout your career.

You make think this means endless classroom sessions and exams but, in fact, there are so many innovative ways to learn now (from e-learning to videos and podcasts) that learning genuinely can be fun. And, even better, it will help your career if you have the best professional qualifications. A project manager apprentice will gain internationally recognised credentials which are the same as those taken by project managers coming through the degree route and then working in a particular industry for a few years before moving into a PM role, So the APM PMQ exam (APM Project Management Qualification – previously known as the APMP) and the higher levels of the APM exams are all open to a PM apprentice.

More about project management apprenticeships:

  1. A debt-free route into project management –going to university is a very expensive route to a great career and no longer needed. There are plenty of project management training courses and apprenticeships that can help you avoid a large student debt and the worry of paying off a student loan once you start earning.
  2. Professional guidance readily available – with an apprenticeship programme you get support and guidance from experienced professionals throughout your career.
  3. Internationally recognised qualifications – such as the APM PMQ (formerly APMP) and the higher level of APM accreditation right up to chartered status.
  4. Establish a network of contacts – An apprenticeship will help you build a network of contacts that could be advantageous to your career.
  5. Enhance your CV – Good qualifications will always boost a CV and ones that combine practical skills and experience with prestigious qualifications are ideal.
  6. Improve your job prospects – apprenticeships often lead to a permanent job but failing that you will have the right skills and credentials to more easily find the right job for you.

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