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Best Small Business Phone Systems and Services

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Since every company differs, it’s tough to decide that one business phone system best for a small business which may fulfill the requirements of every small company.

Unlike bigger businesses, most small companies do not have the luxury of an on-site IT team to deal with most of their technical demands. Simply because they’ll be the people installing and keeping up the telephone system, for a small business, the telephone system must be affordable and should provide necessary features at the best available price.

Types of Small Business Phone Systems:

There are a couple of types of phone systems which are appropriate for the small businesses: multi-line, VoIP, PBX, along with cloud-based phone systems. All these office phone systems have been distinguished primarily by the technology used and also the price tag and the phone systems provider. These systems are well known as a unified communication platform which is divided by their features. However, the expense to implement could differ radically.

  1. Multi-line Phone systems
  2. VoIP phone systems

A VoIP phone system is a fantastic selection for virtually any business; they indeed are the most popular for smaller organizations as to how flexible they are. Together with IP phones, it’s simple to include new users and enlarge features as your company grows. Additionally, it is simple to downsize if necessary. Moreover, the total cost for smaller sized business operations will be significantly cheaper with VoIP support.

  1. PBX Phone Systems
  2. Cloud Phone systems

Cloud-hosted phone systems are getting to be popular amongst small companies. Having this particular kind of system, the equipment is placed and kept inside and managed in the cloud by your phone systems provider, which manages all upgrades and maintenance. 

Essential Features of Small Business Phone Systems:

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Several features of the small business telephone systems are designed to aid their employees to work faster and smarter. Want a feature to answer messages via text or text email? There exists a feature for this, too. Below are some of the features you should consider when selecting a brand new business phone system for your company:

  1. Auto-attendant
  2. Call forwarding
  3. Call monitoring 
  4. Call queues
  5. Call recording 
  6. Call reports
  7. Call transferring
  8. Caller ID
  9. Conference calling
  10. Do not disturb
  11. Extension dialing
  12. Interactive voice response (IVR)
  13. Internet faxing
  14. Interoffice instant messaging 
  15. Missed call notifications
  16. On-hold music
  17. Online management
  18. Online meetings
  19. Paging
  20. Ring groups 
  21. Speakerphone
  22. Speed dial
  23. Video conferencing
  24. Voicemail 
  25. Voicemail-to-email

Which is the Most Useful Business Phone System?

There are many essential attributes that companies that are smaller need to be sure that their phone system supports. In general, there are some significant factors to consider even before you think about the phone features.

  • Affordable – The telephone systems should provide an excellent level of usage and enterprise-grade features without breaking your budget.
  • Mobile – You will need the capability to conduct your own business from anywhere and enable your employees to succeed regardless of where they indeed have been.
  • Scalable – Your phone system plays an essential part in business growth.
  • Professional – Advanced voice features with excellent customer support.
  • Reliable – The ideal system is always that you can’t trust.

The enterprise phone solution should provide flexible conference calling, the default choice to forwarding calls for some contacts, automated attendants, and voicemail. Here we have mentioned some famous brands which are perfect for small businesses.

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8×8 is a VoIP provider and have great plans and connectivity to begin out at $25 a month each user. You’ll discover nearly all services and products for business growth (instant messaging, unlimited calling, and SMS) despite having the base prices.

RingCentral is currently the only firm which is investing in AI voice analytics. The business recently partnered with several businesses to be able to permit, real-time telephone transcriptions, machine learning capabilities, and also the secure storage of sound records for highly regulated businesses. Regardless of the price, it’s worth choosing for the small-mid size business shortly.

Vonage is another provider with simple installation and requires no setup to get started for small companies, it provides end-to-end management for partnerships, and 24×7 customer service and support for all business sizes.

Grasshopper can also make a difference in phone systems network. You can produce an even more professional appearance for inbound calling. Grasshopper offers customizable options, routing for extensions, a name directory, music on hold, a voice studio (for a modest upcharge) and other useful features.


Any business or startup currently has access into some full-featured phone system which formerly would have cost countless thousands of bucks. Most business phone systems providers are now offering the best phone systems as per the requirements to establish and develop a standard with high-level options, so even small organizations can deliver an enterprise-quality service.

Moreover, one overlooked thing is your contract duration. Is it an annual contract? A two-year arrangement? Make sure you deal carefully, and if you are assessing different phone service providers, keep the service accessibility at the top. Naturally, the cost is still yet another extremely crucial factor, and many times, there are additional fees to check. Additional, an activation fee also comes with new phone systems installation and support.

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