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How To Force a Refresh in Firefox

I do lots of changes with the design and coding of my sites (I have many of them). So a designer, after doing some changes, would like to see how the changes look straight away. But as many of you must know a browser saves the website data into the computer cache for fast site loading when you visit the site again. So if you have made any changes, it would not appear by using a simple Refresh. It will not work even after using the Ctrl+R command as it is nothing but a shortcut to a refresh.

To see the changes, you have to clear the cache. Or you can use the following shortcut to do a Hard OR Forced Refresh:


  1. Shift+Ctrl+R 😎
  2. Shift+F5
  3. Press Shift+Refresh button
  4. You can also “disable cache” in the Web Developer Firefox Extension. It isn’t as efficient as a keyboard shortcut but it goes in a batch of tests with this great extension
  5. You can delete the temporary internet files by going to the “Tools and options” Menu


This command will clear the cache and you will see the new changes made. This works well on Firefox, and other browsers like Internet Explorer IE, Safari, Google Chrome and so on.

And finally, if this doesn’t work for you or if you don’t want to clear your cache, then you can use any of the free internet proxies available  to browse your site. The use of a proxy doesn’t save site caches. Some of the free proxy sites are:



If you know any more or any other easy ways, let me know.


One thought on “How To Force a Refresh in Firefox

  1. I have a MacBook computer and I want my pictures that are on my computer to be on my Motorola Razr 2 v9. I have a memory space card and a storage card adapter. When I put the card in the adapter, the computer recognizes it. As well as the pictures that I have on my mobile phone can transfer to the computer with no problem. But the pictures on my computer refuse to transfer to my mobile phone. All that is found is a huge red “x” on a black screen. Are I doing something incorrect?

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