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Internet security trends set to dominate

If there is one thing we can all predict it is that Internet security is going to become ever more important. Unfortunately, one of the biggest threats to businesses nowadays is the possibility of a security breach. More and more companies now need to ensure their security strategy is as effective as it can be. That means controlling access to data from within the company using company PCs and laptops, when people are on the move using mobile devices, and also when disposing of laptops and PCs by ensuring a professional hard drive wipe, according to commercial asset recycling company Coara. Keeping that in mind, lets take a look at some of the trends we can expect to see in regards to Internet security.

Increased Threat To Mobile Devices

We can expect mobile phones to be the targets of many attacks throughout the year ahead. As the days go by our personal lives are becoming more connected with the digital world. From paying bills to checking emails to updating a business blog, we use our phones for a whole host of different things that require inputting sensitive data. Unfortunately, mobile Internet has boomed at such a rate that the security features aren’t typically as sophisticated as we’d like. A lot of employees are using their phones at work and employers are encouraging a BYOD (bring your own device) policy. This further increases the risk if the company do not educate employees about the dangers. Thus, smart phones will undoubtedly continue to be vulnerable, yet we can also expect the security market to adapt to this and they will already be coming up with sophisticated strategies and approaches to make mobile networks less vulnerable.

Skill Gap Will Continue To Rise


One of the biggest issues in the Internet security industry is that there are not enough security professionals to meet the demand. This is something that will only continue. This represents a great opportunity for those involved in the IT industry and willing to undertake security training for the digital age.

Re-Assessment Of Supply Chains


A lot of businesses will be re-evaluating their third party providers this year. Hackers are becoming increasingly intelligent and thus they will often attempt to hack a third party provider with the purpose of getting to the company in question. Businesses will devise policies that will ensure they assess their supply chains with a more scrutinising eye. We will see more companies taking a well-structured supply chain information risk assessment approach, which is indeed highly advised. This is as true for startups as it is for larger, established organisations.

Hacking Microsoft Becomes More Difficult


The good news is that Microsoft has invested in exploit mitigations. For years cybercriminals viewed Microsoft as one of the easier platforms to attack. However, with exploit mitigations it will make it much more difficult for them to write attacking code.

Recognition Of Major Flaws In Widely Used Software

Last but not least, as the year continues it is inevitable that we are going to learn about major flaws that are present in software that we have been using for a long-time. As the industry becomes more advanced, flaws and vulnerabilities that have gone unnoticed over the past decade or so will be made apparent.

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