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Remote Working? Declutter Your Home Today

If you work from home it’s a great idea to ditch some stuff and reorganise your working space.

Statistics tell us that only 3% of people actually feel negatively affected by having to work from home. However, if you’re living in a cluttered space, the chances are that number is much more likely to be higher. A cluttered home can cause you to feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. Those feelings don’t correspond with a productive work life at any rate.

The good news is that decluttering is one of the easiest improvements you can make to your working space. When you are working remotely, it can be hugely helpful, boosting your productivity, morale and overall wellbeing. In fact, it’s kind of essential if you’re going to be working remotely long-term. You need to have the best possible setup for a fantastic career based at home.

To help you, checkout these easy decluttering tips for remote workers:

Prioritise Creating Working Space

Regardless of when you can declutter you need a space to work in now. With that in mind, it is worth clearing a space to work in as your first priority. Whether it is the spare room, your garden room, or the garage, it needs to be cleared. Consider packing everything up and popping it into a Cambridge Self Storage unit. This cheap self storage facility will keep everything secure for you until you have time to actively sort through it all. It’s a quick and convenient option if you’re unable to fully declutter a workspace right now.

Get Rid Of The ‘Just In Case’

Random office items and documents can build-up over time because we save so many ‘just in case’ things. The chance of you needing those items is minimal, so it’s time to get rid of them. Do place any sensitive documents into your cheap self storage unit. Scan anything in you want to shred but you want to keep evidence of. Everything else can go, instantly ridding you of clutter.

Have One Small Urgent Box

Often items can build up on the desk because they all need working on now. The fact is, if they needed working on now then there wouldn’t be such a long way to the bottom of that pile. Keep everything but items you are working on that day out. By keeping a small and thin urgent box, you stop yourself cluttering up the desk with non-urgent items.

Have Your Shredder On Hand

Does shredding day never really come around? Is there always a huge pile of paperwork ready to be shredded? By keeping your shredder on hand you can then shred items that need immediate destruction. This is a really good way to prevent clutter being created.

Strip Back The Distractions

In a work office there’s a restriction on what you can have around you. When you work from home, that restriction is gone so you can be forgiven for having all of the photos, inspiring slogans, funny ornaments and the like all over your desk. The problem is that these items can be a little bit busy for your mind at a time that it requires some clarity. So, if you can strip it back and keep it really minimalist, you will be clutter free and you’ll have a much more organised and clean space to work in.

Spend Ten Minutes A Day Sorting Your Office Out

At the end of every day pencil in ten minutes where you can tidy up, declutter and clean your office. This can help keep your working space functional and avoid that clutter getting built up again.

Declutter For A Better Remote Working Life

If you are working from home it makes sense to declutter and keep your office organised and clean. By keeping it in great shape, you can benefit from fantastic productivity in your remote working position.

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