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Run a Self Hosted Affiliate Program with WordPress

Having an affiliate program is a great way of marketing your products. The main advantages are:


  1. Let affiliates promote the product for you and free up your time to grow your business in other ways
  2. No need to purchase ads or do digital marketing – you pay only for the sale
  3. Instant buzz in the online community as lots of affiliates are always looking for opportunities
  4. Increase your sales to a much higher level than if you tried to gain the same volume of sales yourself


So you want to start an affiliate program if you haven’t already? If you do then be reassured that it’s easy enough to do so…

All you have to do is simply install some small scripts on your website like idevaffiliate . I have read reviews on various affiliate management, affiliate tracking scripts and softwars and I found idevaffiliate to be the most popular. And it’s clearly popular for a reason and that is it’s ease of use. It’s a simple php script which is straightforward to install on your site and doesn’t require any real technical knowledge. idevaffiliate comes with great features and is being used by some of the top online stores for running their self hosted affiliate programs. Also in terms of costs and budgeting, you only need to pay a one time fee as compared to other alternatives which charge on a monthly or annual recurring basis.


It can be used on any site which has php hosting and even on sites built with WordPress, Joomla or Drupal too. It’s also very easy to customize so that it blends in well with  the appearance of your site. What’s more tracking and paying your affiliates is not a big concern either. This is all done from their back end control panel. Just check out all the features they have on idevaffiliate – all you have to pay is a one time fee but they do have 3 different plans available depending on your particular needs.


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