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Prepaid Mobile Broadband for Small Businesses

In our huge world where we all co-exist in different countries, cultures and time zones, digital communication is the only means to keep various regions connected with each other. Actual wires may connect many parts of the earth – and I’m always astonished to think of the cables running across the floor of the world’s great oceans – but in our advanced digital world an eminent network should not rely on physical connections and should no longer be hindered by tangible obstacles.

The alternative of course is an unobstructed connection facilitated by mobile broadband and wireless broadband to aide those who have just started a business as well as well-established organisations.

There is a slight difference between these two terminologies. Wireless broadband is analogous to a cordless phone; it is a technology that works well within a small coverage area just like your cordless phone at home works in and around the house but if you wander off down to the end of the garden and outside range of the base unit then you will lose your connection.


Mobile broadband on the other hand is comparable to the use of mobile phones that have coverage seemingly anywhere and everywhere provided they are within range of a mast. One thing that has resulted from the huge rise in the growth of mobile phone use is the ever increasing problem of electronic waste. This is something we should all be aware of as it has both environmental and health implications to us all. The EU have introduced a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive, known as the WEEE Regulations that cover how we dispose of e-waste so just be aware of this when you are considering an upgrade to a new phone and if you provide business mobiles then make sure you educate employees so they are also aware of the issues..


There are various providers of mobile broadband. The speeds they deliver are almost in the same range. The dependencies and effects of the significant 3G and 4G carriers on mobile broadband service providers is due to the fact that these providers resell the bandwidth offered by those carriers. There are two distinguished classes of service rendered by the prepaid broadband providers. Some of them are beneficial for occasional usage, say to check your calendar or reply to comments on your business blog, while the others are better for continuous usage.

The unlimited mobile broadband offer has started to be popular everywhere but with some stipulations. The unlimited usage has an upper threshold of 5 Gigabytes. While the providers boast of no coverage charges, they do imitate their paid counterparts in having a negative effect on the speed of your network which may be reduced. Many networks that claim unlimited broadband become excruciatingly slow falsifying the whole concept of “unlimited” usage. Only a handpicked few deliver truly unlimited broadband.


It is very important to correlate the prices of each provider and the features they promise to your needs and make the right choice of prepaid mobile broadband. This selection depends on your usage. If your planned utilization is a maximum of 100MB, the lower tier plans offered by various providers will suffice. Upon a predicted usage of around 200 MB your pick should be the other way round. There are plans that are based on time, an instance of which is the one that has a fixed price for a day or two. These are the major constraints on the choice of an appropriate broadband while several other factors are of much less significance.

The ease of use of the prepaid mobile broadband turns out to be the influencing factor that makes it the right choice. All you have to do to get connected is to link up the prepaid mobile broadband device to your computer. The instructions will guide you to get a successful connection. The simplicity lies in the single click on the “connect” option that enables you to browse any time you wish. The most bewitching aspect of mobile broadband is its coverage area. It renders access even during your travel. Fast internet access is facilitated in all the places where a mobile phone has got signal and there is no lag in the access so travelling on a train or sitting in a coffee shop – there is seemingly nowhere where we cannot be online.


The recharge of the prepaid mobile broadband is also pretty uncomplicated. There is an automatic alert raised when there is a need to recharge your prepaid mobile broadband and whenever you wish to pay, there is a facility to redirect you to the right webpage that make your payments easy. There are many benefits to this prepaid mobile broadband like its unaffected internet access at greater speed even when on the move; its easy to install procedure and no need to buy equipment or sign contracts, and most importantly its efficient and guaranteed high speed broadband in all places.


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