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Small Businesses: Storage = Good Business Sense

Small businesses need cheap, secure, flexible additional business space to use. Self storage provides exactly that; here we look at the benefits of self storage for a small business.


Within the last year, self storage as an industry as near enough exploded with activity. The rise is thought to be because of lots of different factors, the main one being the fact digital retailers are using cheap self storage commercially because of the huge increase in online consumer sales. Basically everyone wants to buy goods online and online retailers need somewhere flexible and cost effective to keep those goods.

Using cheap self storage is becoming extremely popular because it makes good business sense. If you think about it, it’s really simple – small businesses need extra physical space to stock goods, paperwork, to work in, to craft into use as backup space during seasonal times and to provide delivery drop offs and pickups when the office or at home space is not convenient.

If a small business or startup actively purchases a property or signs up to a rental agreement there are many downsides such as:

  • Hidden costs like maintenance and council tax
  • Long complicated contracts
  • Higher costs because of location
  • Company morale is affected because of worry over affording the rental space


Many businesses do start storing in a spare bedroom, garage or even in kitchens or living rooms, but eventually they recognise it makes good business sense to invest in an external storage facility.

Self Storage Offers Great Business Security

When you are a growing business, security really does matter. It makes a lot of sense to choose a self storage facility with exceptional levels of security in their most modern and convenient forms. It is imperative the security provided comes in many different forms, to ensure that the business you are storing in the unit remains protected. Security can be storage unit locks, additional section locks and checkpoints, 24 hour CCTV, individual alarms and additional advice on insurance and protecting your property if you need it.

More Than Just Storage

Ideally, your storage unit will have a lot more to offer you than just storage. Most excellent cheap self storage units recognise that business owners, like you, want additional convenient services at hand should they be needed. Services like packing, removals, deliveries, advice – if we can’t provide the service ourselves, we’ll know someone who can at great rates, recommended personally by us.

Huge Flexibility

Probably the most desirable factor when it comes to small businesses and self storage – flexibility. There’s simply lots of it, which is music to the ears of businesses at their most sensitive stage of growth. First and foremost the contracts are extremely flexible, often enabling the business to swap and change between different sized spaces and only having to commit to a monthly payment. The size of the space can be as small as a school locker, as big as a football pitch, which is great when your stock fluctuates, and contracts are rarely seen to be long and complicated like those you get with commercially rented premises. The reason this flexibility matters with a small business, is because the business is rapidly changing and evolving, but it is still very vulnerable. So while it might be growing at a steady rate, it might still shrink and then expand and then shrink again for a while yet before it becomes stable. With this in mind, heavy contracts and big investments in premises are a really bad idea, whereas self storage units allow you to grow at your own pace,with no pressure at all.

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A Better Location

Often companies are forced to take a business premises location that is less than desirable because of the finances involved. Perhaps they can’t afford a warehouse in the nearby business park so have to instead opt for a warehouse an hours drive away because that is all they can afford. So that’s not only the heavy contract for the warehouse they have to pay, but the cost in time and petrol of getting to the unit along with the goods. When a small business opts instead for self storage, they can easily find a unit local to them which saves on travelling time and money, and on the cost of the space itself as well. There’s no need to sacrifice location when you opt for a cheap self storage unit.

Paperwork Security

Although stock is important and needs protecting paperwork comes even higher with security priority. Every business big or small will have a pile of paperwork that are important. This paperwork can cause a lot of damage if it falls into the wrong hands, so it is important that it is protected properly in a safe and secure self storage unit. If you do also have an office space as well, or your office is your home, you’re able to save on a lot of space taken up by the paperwork by keeping it in self storage.

A Sense Of Community

Although you are able to come and go as you please with no interruptions at the facility, there is a community here if you want it. Plenty of unit holders are more than happy to have a friendly chat, as are the staff who pride themselves on excellent customer service. This is a really great thing if you do work on your own, which can get a bit lonely at times!

Invest In Self Storage For Your Small Business

Self storage for your small business makes excellent business sense. You can grow at the speed right for you, you can save space in your office, benefit from the exceptional security, avoid a tight contract, save money, enjoy the community, benefit from the extra services and much much more. Still unsure? Have a read of all the small businesses benefitting from self storage. From digital startups, to craft companies, karate clubs – you name it and you will find every business has a need for this amazing extra business space at a low cost.




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