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The Best Apps For Telecommuting

Regardless of the size of any company, telecommuting will be a popular choice for a number of reasons, particularly now.

Businesses will not only save money on office space if they choose to allow telecommuting, but can reduce overheads too. it could even lead to lower employee turnover as people find a better work-life balance. However, implementing a strong telecommuting programme does come with its challenges. Those companies that are successful, are those that take advantage of modern technological developments to keep their employees connected and productive. This includes still providing opportunities for learning and development remotely through e-learning audio and video content that employees can access from anywhere.

Some of the best mobile apps for effective management of telecommuting workers will be looked at below. 


Sometimes, when using multiple devices for work, you may run the risk of losing track of files or even overwriting documents. Dropbox can help with this. It will allow you to sync files between multiple devices (tablet, smartphone, desktop computer) and upload photos and videos. You can sign up for a business account which comes with complete unlimited file recovery and support from Dropbox’s tech team. 


TeamViewer allows you to remotely access and control the desktop of your computers and servers from anywhere, on a 3G or better internet connection. It also includes options for permanent remote access so a password won’t be necessary for troubleshooting future issues. The app will allow access to employee files and applications and even hold online meetings. 


When working remotely, it will be necessary to chat with the team to collaborate ideas instead of setting up a call for every question. Slack will do this effortlessly. It has a free team chat tool and allows file sharing that works with Google Docs and Dropbox and allows direct messages between team members. 

Google Hangouts

Sometimes you may prefer a video chat allowing you to see other people’s expressions and gestures. Google Hangouts is one of the easiest and most capable video chat services around. You can have a live video call with up to 10 other people. Hangouts works on computers as well as Android and iOS. You will need a Google account to get started. 


For projects with a vast number of tasks that need to be done in a specific order, Trello’s user-friendly and colourful interface is ideal. It allows you to drag list items around on a virtual board. Reminders, labels, comments and other features make it a great organisation tool for the entire team. 


If you are looking for a reliable method to track sales and send invoices, then InvoiceSherpa is the ideal choice. With InvoiceSherpa, companies can prep and track billing statements on the go to ensure nothing is forgotten or lost. The app also includes custom invoice templates which allow you to send clients professional-looking documents. An added benefit of the app is the ability to track paid invoices as they come in. 

Working remotely allows you the freedom and flexibility to do your work from an environment that best suits you. However, there are many challenges that remote work presents. These challenges can be overcome by using the above apps and tools to stay productive and get the best out of your team. 

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