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The main reasons why WordPress is such a popular website builder for those just setting up a new business or a business blog are:

  1. There are always frequent updates to the script meaning your information and data are at less risk from unscrupulous hackers.
  2. New features are added in every release enablng you to easily and quickly update your website or blog to take advantage of the new features.
  3. Amazing wordpress plugins are being developed every day (many of them free to use) that mean you don’t have to be a coding whizz or have a huge budget to get a great looking site.
  4. Lots of cool wordpress themes to choose from so that your site reflects your business
  5. WordPress is a secure blogging platform and website building app


Yes, as you might have guessed I am very much fond of WordPress plugins and frequently browse the latest plugins list for new and updated plugins. I would like to share with you some of my top favourite wordpress plugins; they will all make your life that much easier and most of their creators provide training and mentoring to help you get started:

  1. Akismet Spam – An absolute must for every website and blog. The first plugin to fight wordpress comment spam and still the best.
  2. Yoast WordPress SEO – An all in one tool to make your blog SEO friendly – alternatives include All in One SEO Pack and Platinum Wordpres.
  3. WordPress database backup – You may well have a backup facility supplied by your web hosting provider. You may also have your own hard drive backup or cloud backup facility. But in the spirit of belt and braces keep a backup of your databases with this excellent plugin.
  4. Google Sitemap Creator – Another good tool to ensure your blog is indexed properly on the search engines so that your readers can actually find you and you get good traffic.
  5. AdSense Deluxe – One of the top plugins to help you monetize your blog with Adsense – this is by far the easiest way to manage adsense on your blog.
  6. Exec-php – A must-have plugin to enable php features in your sidebar or posts. No need to edit wordpress theme files now.
  7. WP-Super-Cache – Make your blog fast, a great caching plugin. Avoids load on your host too.
  8. Subscribe to comments – Let your blog commentators know about replies to their comments.
  9. Sociable – Easily or automatically inserts social bookmarking icons to your posts.

There are lots more that could be added in this list but these are my Top 10 favourites. What are yours ?


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