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3 Ways Self Storage Helps Businesses Offer Better Home Delivery

Find out how self storage helps businesses home delivery services be even better if you make use of affordable self storage units.

If your business has adapted during the pandemic to be more flexible, offering home delivery and better online ordering systems, that’s great news. So many businesses have struggled to adapt. The fact you have been able to keep going, serving your customers with a new way of operating, is fantastic.

Did you know that cheap self storage can help you offer even better home delivery services? This cheap and effective service can help you boost your customer reach, and improve your brand and here are 3 examples of how:

Somewhere To Store That Truck

You can store vehicles in many cheap self storage facilities. That includes a truck that you might have used to take your services on the road. Hair dressing, dog grooming and food trucks have become extensions of businesses reaching out to their customers. Startup trucks are also amazing ways to help budding entrepreneurs get their wares seen. If you need somewhere to store your truck, self storage could be a great solution. It can also be a good place to hold a truck you’re doing up ready to use as a business addition. This is especially true if you don’t have a garage or covered vehicle storage at your property.

Stock Storage & Packaging

Storing stock at home can be a real challenge for the whole family. It takes up space that is precious, especially during furlough or time working from home. It’s also not the best place to protect stock from environmental damage and theft.

Affordable self storage not only gives you somewhere secure and climate controlled to store your stock, but somewhere to package up items to send to customers too. This in turn can help you keep your stock safe, your home clutter-free, and give you a dedicated space for an increase in orders. Just make sure you compare self-storage prices to get the best deal, especially if you are based in a major city where prices can be inflated.

As Much Supplier Flexibility As Possible

During such challenging economic times, suppliers have struggled to provide customers with their orders either within good time, or at all in some cases. To enable your stock to be fulfilled as much as possible you have to be a flexible customer. Cheap self storage helps businesses by giving you any size storage unit you need at short unit to take a double order if it comes. Self storage can also help you with deliveries, as many offer 24/7 reception services that will take deliveries for customers.

This kind of flexibility helps businesses work around the challenges their suppliers are facing, helping in turn, to get deliveries to customers more consistently.

Business flexibility and support is so important for business trying to weather both ordinary and extraordinary challenges they face. Inexpensive self storage can’t guarantee you success, but it can be a great tool to have whilst you try to succeed in giving your customers the very best home delivery.

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