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The Power of Case Studies – Showcasing Your Business Wins

Business is about more than simply saying you can do something. You need to be able to show that you can as well. If you work in a more specialised and diverse industry then tangible proof of the expertise that you have is vital. This is where the power of case studies becomes really important. 

The appeal of case studies

It is one thing to tell a company who are considering hiring you that you have helped many clients just like them but showing them detailed accounts of the work you have undertaken, giving details of challenges that you have faced and how you overcame them, together with the end results gives far more weight to your claims. This can make you appear to be more trustable and believable. 

When it comes to presenting a case study you should try to use a classic approach:

1. Client type – include a description of the client business or industry

2. Client issue – what was the challenge or problem

3. Our approach – what you did to tackle the challenge

4. The solution – what the outcome was

This method is simple, direct and very clear and shows exactly what you can deliver. You can, of course, go beyond this simple version of a case study. You could offer something a little more in depth for those clients who may need more details. That way they can be confident in your approach to more complex challenges. 

What to consider when creating a case study

There are a number of other things to consider when it comes to case studies:

Analytics – When you incorporate data that is tangible into your case studies you are offering something that backs up your claims. This can give your claims a better depth of reality. 

Client testimonials – A good case study is one thing but when it is accompanied by a glowing client testimonial this adds much more credibility. It can help to showcase exactly what your company is capable of. 

You may also want to consider how to get the most from your case studies. After all, putting together a good case study takes time. You could feature some of them on your website, or share parts of them, such as metrics or quotes on your social media in order to drive traffic back to your website. Or, you could integrate appropriate case studies into business proposals to show you have a good track record. 

You could also consider sharing details via your subscriber list as part of your email advertising or even using them during events and webinars as examples and discussion points. 

When it comes to any business in a fast paced and highly competitive world it isn’t enough to do the work and do it well. You need to be able to show your achievements to others. Writing a compelling case study is about more than just marketing. It is a way of showing off your expertise and the commitment that you have in achieving results.

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