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How To Motivate Your Team

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The success of any business depends on people, which is why good teamwork is essential for success. So let’s consider how a project manager can improve teamwork.

Projects, of course, involve people; those who have initiated the project, the end-users and, more importantly, those who will manage and carry out the work to make the project a reality. And the success of any project depends on these individuals, which is why good teamwork is essential for successful project delivery. So let’s consider how a project manager can improve teamwork.

It is never enough to have a good project plan, a well-defined risk management process and effective communication even though plenty of project managers would be glad of those right now. The key to successful project management is to ensure the project team is motivated and works well together. One way of encouraging and motivating a team is to identify their strengths and any opportunities that might be presented by the project.

How To Write a Basic Business Plan

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Many business owners find the thought of writing a business plan very daunting, so much so, that many of them never write one at all. But recent research suggests that SMEs could make more profit if they had a plan in place so no matter how difficult it might seem, now is the time to write a business plan if you haven’t done so already. And, actually, it is not as difficult as you might think.

A business plan is intended to clarify what the aims and objectives of the business are and how they will be achieved. It is, of course, also essential if you need to get a loan or other type of financing.

Here are the fundamental steps involved in writing a basic business plan…

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Small Businesses: Storage = Good Business Sense

Small businesses have particular needs when it comes to storage. Self storage provides cheap, secure space that is flexible for businesses to use. Here we look at the benefits of self storage for a small business.

Within the last year, self storage as an industry has near enough exploded with activity. The rise is thought to be because of lots of different factors, the main one being that digital retailers are using cheap self storage commercially because of the huge increase in online consumer sales. Basically everyone wants to buy goods online and online retailers need somewhere flexible and cost effective to keep those goods.

Apprenticeships are not what they used to be

If you have a vision of a successful career; working in a range of industries, companies and even countries. If you dream of working on the most exciting projects and enjoying every minute of it then you probably think you will have to have a good university degree to enable you to do this – even to have the possibility of doing this. But think again – careers are no longer as traditional as they once were – there are opportunities in jobs that didn’t exist a decade ago and even in traditional roles the way we view a career has changed.

Take apprenticeships for example – they used to be viewed as a way to train tradespeople – a slightly less academic choice of career. Yet now we have Higher apprenticeships such as the project management apprenticeships that results in a degree level qualification. Even in more traditional professions such as accountancy and engineering it is necessary to continue to take training courses and develop your skills and expertise throughout your career.

Jobs You Can Do From Home To Boost Your Income

If you have spare time, you have spare capacity to earn. Here we offer examples of jobs you can do from home to boost your income whether you are a stay-at-home parent, supplementing your main income or looking to pay off your student debt, or looking for a rewarding career in later life. Earning a little bit more can help you become more financially independent.

Working from home is the way forward for men and women. If you are at home you have the capacity to boost your income, all you usually need is an internet connection. Why wouldn’t you want to earn extra cash in your PJ’s and get a boost managing the household budget? But the opportunities aren’t just hobbies – they can also develop into rewarding careers.

There are even opportunities in the caring profession that don’t involve working in a large care home or other institution but actually in someone’s home. You can become a Live-in Carer for the increasing numbers of senior people who want to remain in their own homes when they become less able to cope – a massive, perhaps not surprising, majority would prefer this to going into a residential home and giving up the comforts of their own home. There has, therefore, been a surge in need for carers to go into elderly people’s homes to help them with everyday tasks such as bathing and dressing. This can be for a few hours a day or even on a full-time basis when live-in care is an alternative to a residential care home.

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