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Marketing tips to take you into next year

Whether you are starting up a new business or looking for ways in which to market your existing business it is important to have a marketing strategy that includes a good online presence. Consumers are increasingly turning to the internet and ecommerce is on the rise so if you don’t have the right presence then you could be falling behind your competitors. Here, you can see some marketing tips to take you into next year and beyond.

Know your audience

It may seem rather obvious but there are a good many companies who make the mistake of believing that everyone is their audience, and this simply isn’t true. Whilst it is true that some of the larger companies will appeal to a much wider audience for most their pool of potential customers will be much smaller. When you truly understand your existing audience, you will be able to attract more prospective customers with your marketing and then turn them into actual sales. 

Emphasise what you offer

If you are offering the same as a competitor, you need an edge that will make customers choose you over your competitor. What you offer is what makes you as a company unique and more importantly is what makes customers come to you and not your competitor. So if your existing customers tell you that customer service is something you do particularly well, shout out about it. 

Utilise free marketing tools

There are so many really excellent, marketing tools out there that will help you considerably and there are many which are free. It can be a good idea to make the most of the free tools and keep your overheads down. Use payable marketing tools only when you know that they will definitely improve your current operations and/or performance. 

Create a website

In this age of technology if you haven’t got a website then this should be top of your list. You need to ensure that your website is professional, easy to navigate on a range of devices and that your content is relevant to your audience. This is one marketing tool it is well worth spending on because it is increasingly becoming the norm for potential customers to check out a company’s website. When they don’t find one, they are more likely to turn to one of your competitors. 

Your website isn’t just a simple catalogue of your products and services – it is something that you can use to help you convert traffic into sales. 

Think about blogs

An extension of our tip above, but one that can help to bring traffic to your website, particularly when people are searching for advice and information or solutions to problems rather than products or services. Therefore, creating a blog – and, of course, populating it with well-researched and well-written content – is worthy of its own mention. Adding a blog on a website can have real value within your digital marketing strategy. Make sure that your blog posts add value to your website and include a call to action. There are some good tools out there to get you started such as WordPress or Wix Content Management Systems (CMS). For example, look at this niche live events blog or this blog about getting started blogging (!)

Use social media

One final thing to consider, and you can link this to your website, is to make sure that you are using a range of social media platforms for your marketing

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