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Artificial Intelligence for Small Business – The Benefits

For small businesses, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something that can help them to save both time and money. It can help channel these resources to other areas of their business that need it more. Whilst many business are still trying to work out how best to use AI to their advantage, a report from the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council (SBEC) suggests that small businesses are embracing AI tools. They are using AI as a way of improving their efficiency and to make significant annual savings. 

What tasks can Artificial Intelligence be used for?

AI has a number of uses in the workplace. Small businesses are making use of this for tasks like customer service automation, decision-making and data analysis. Doing this can often free up employee time for other tasks. This allows them to work smarter as a company and keep their costs down. 

Customer service automation, for example uses the chatbot facility to respond to customer enquiries. This can often mean that issues are dealt with without the need to speak to a real person. There are, of course, some issues that can only be solved by talking to a human being. However, these will be relatively few and far between. 

What AI tools should small businesses consider?

One of the first AI tools to have gained popularity is ChatGPT. It uses significant amounts of data and has the ability to create write-ups on almost anything. However, this is not always 100% accurate so needs checking. 

Here just are some of the other tools that small businesses should be considering:

  • Upmetrics – this tool can be used to help write business plans
  • Jasper – a content generating tool for marketing, blogs, social media posts and articles
  • ChatSpot by HubSpot – free marketing and sales tool (can be use by those who are not HubSpot users)
  • Manatal – HR recruitment tool  
  • Motion – calendar tool that can track your time and use this to build itineraries
  • Otter-ai – a meeting assistant tool which can record any conversations, take notes, transcribe interviews and then use this to generate summaries

Integrating AI into your processes

Choosing any AI tools for your business needs to be something that you do plenty of research for. Take a look at the needs of your business and see where there are gaps that could successfully be filled by AI tools. It is not a good idea to incorporate too many AI tools into your business at once and you should only do so if it helps you to add value to your business by freeing up your employees to take on other tasks. 

It is also important to remember that AI is only as good as you want if you make sure that it has the best information to complete a task and there are certainly some tasks that it can complete that you will want to check. If it is writing articles for example, you should always read them over to confirm the content is what you wanted.

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