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Bite-Size Marketing: Understand The True Impact of Your Marketing Campaigns

There was a time when people solely relied on click-through rates to determine the success of their advertising campaigns. Since then, the marketing world has called for a better metric of choice, with click-through rates failing to tell the full story. 

After all, what you really want to know is how much impact your advertising is having on the people who see it… Are your ads making your brand any more memorable? Is this bringing more people into your shop? And then are they making a purchase? There is a way of measuring this, and we’ve partnered with Brand Metrics to make brand lift reports available to you.

These reports are created by surveying users who have seen an ad and then asked them for their impression of the company behind them. This will help small businesses like yours know the precise impact and value your ads have had on your business.

JPIMedia is, in fact, the UK’s only local news provider to offer brand lift reports to its advertising partners. And thanks to these reports, we have calculated that our titles give advertisers +19% more brand lift than other news publishers, with businesses who kept advertising during lockdown also revealed to have had 27% higher purchase intent among customers than those that didn’t. 

So, whatever metrics you choose, just remember: don’t be a clickhead. Learn more about Brand Metrics and brand lift reports here

Source: 1. Advertisers in May had 27% higher action intent than March putting them top of mind when people emerged from lockdown; 2. Brand Metrics (all advertisers) Sep-Oct 2019/ comparison with all newsbrand campaigns measured by Brand Metrics

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