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Bought A New Blackberry Storm

My dad gave me a nice gift yesterday – the phone I was looking for – BlackBerry Storm. I should say, it’s amazing. Looks, features, battery, internet – all are awesome.


The Blackberry Storm has a strange clicky touchscreen, which is very different to the iPhone touchscreen in that you do have to press the screen quite firmly for each action, literally until you hear a little click. The manufacturer RIM calls this system the ‘ClickThrough’ and although it feels a bit odd at first, you soon get used to it and come to appreciate its solid, responsive feel. The ClickThrough is designed to ‘separate navigation from confirmation’ and you have to press the part of the screen you are using like a button to carry out actions, so basically every time you type a letter you have to lift up your finger after pressing each letter, just like on a conventional keypad. If you are used to the flowing, sliding style of other touchscreens you may find this awkward at first, but after a bit of practise I found I was just as quick with this click action, and also much less likely to make mistakes. This is truly an innovative and unique bit of touchscreen technology, and if you give yourself a chance to get used to its solid, practical feel you will not want to go back to the old sliding touchscreens.


So that’s confirmation, what about navigation? Well the navigation options are similar to other Blackberry models, with the four standard command buttons at the bottom of the screen (menu, send, end and back) which makes things pretty straight forward, but one complaint is that it doesn’t magnify the options you are selecting as other touchscreens (iPhone and LG Vu) do, which can be a bit annoying as your fingers can get in the way. However this is more than made up for by the very responsive accelerometer function, which detects which orientation the Blackberry is in almost instantly (landscape or portrait) and adjust accordingly. Also the browser technology has been updated, but because it is on Verizon it still does not have Wi Fi which is a bit of a let down, although the EV DO broadband connection is perfectly serviceable and I have never had any problems using it for emailing and surfing the net.


In terms of the look of the Blackberry Storm, well quite simply I love it, the casing is smart, funky and well designed, and the screen is bright, colour rich and has excellent viewing capacities. I watch a lot of downloaded videos on it and they come out perfectly, making it one of the best visual media phones I have ever used. The audio quality is pretty good as well, and plenty of audio formats are supported which should suit even the most devoted music lovers, and the 8GB microSD card gives it plenty of memory back up.


As with any touchscreen it is a good idea to get a case for it as soon as you can to prevent scratches and scuffs, and there is a good range of BlackBerry Storm cases available online and from the manufacturer. I got mine from my friends shop and they do have loads of different styles from smart leather cases through to body skins and hard carry cases. Also bought one from the few cases for BlackBerry Bold 9000 for my wife’s blackberry. 🙂


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