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Can Small Businesses Improve Their Sustainability

Sustainability has been a well-used for some time. Yet, small businesses may feel that their changes will make little difference and that responsibility lies with major corporations. However, consumers are driving the need for change in this day and age. It’s certainly not something your business can ignore.

With eight in ten SMEs wanting to be more sustainable, don’t be the business that doesn’t act.  Here are some easy changes that won’t break the bank, will get you noticed, and show your customers you are committed to their needs and the needs of the planet.

Relish the Challenge of Sustainability

Far from seeing sustainability as a costly burden, relish the change. Use it to promote your business, share your journey, and attract the demanding consumer who is happy to pay and support sustainability enterprises. Buyers are now more than ever prepared to pay more for environmentally friendly products and services. Build connections with your audience as you strive to meet their demands to reach a carbon-neutral future. Share your changes to use eco-friendly products throughout your business. Share the small changes to your office that support their dream for our planet and achieve a sustainable society.

‘Growth then Green’ is no longer the way to go

No longer is this attitude going to win you any sustainability awards. With as many as 1 in 3 customers fast pushing the drive for sustainability, it can even lose you business. The good news is, building sustainability into your business doesn’t always need to cost a fortune. It will, however, require you to understand your business consumption and make changes where possible. Being eco-conscious will raise your brand profile and help you stay competitive. Your customers will notice if you:

  • Buy local – wherever possible, source from local businesses. This helps to reduce carbon emissions, cut down transport needs and support your local economy.
  • Practical packaging – Use sustainable packaging that can be repurposed whereever possible. Choose fairtrade suppliers and renewable, recyclable or biodegradable materials. Or, limit packaging types to make recycling more straightforward. Reusable packing bags too. Add your logo and your brand followers will love your eco-friendly intentions and you get free advertising when they use it. Support businesses that are driving responsible practices to lift your business sustainability.
  • No longer is bigger better – You don’t win in consumers’ eyes if you overpack. Compact packaging is cheaper to buy, and more affordable to transport. Consumers are no longer impressed by a big box for a small product.
  • Move towards paperless operations – Wherever possible, switch to online billing and communications. Head towards paperless, and where you can’t use recycled paper. Think recycled both for printing and consumables. Reducing the number of trees you use to operate is a huge step towards sustainability. it is relatively easy to put into place too.
  • Go green at work – Use LED lighting, discourage single-use refreshments, use green cleaning materials and monitor your energy usage. 
  • Use cloud-based technology to reduce physical equipment and space needed on site.

Final thoughts

If this has you looking closely at your business, why not combine it with our advice on futureproofing your small business.  That way, you can ensure your green business has the best chance of success.

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