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Common HR headaches for small businesses

Small businesses make up a considerable amount of the workforce in any country and come with their own unique set of issues. The person who know everyone, and often everything in an office is the person who performs the HR role. They have a responsibility for the professional success and personal wellbeing of every employee.

Whilst this may not be a dedicated team or even department in a small business there will be one person who performs the role. All too often it may be someone with little HR experience who is undertaking a number of different roles and this may throw up some questions and issues that need dealing with. Here are just some of the most common HR challenges that might face:

Selecting the right people

One of the most important things for any organisation is to hire the right people, and when it comes to attracting the best small companies are often overlooked by potential employees. The small company does however have a distinct advantage over larger ones and that is the ability to be in a position to hire someone faster and move them through all the legal tape of recruiting that little bit faster.

Getting everyone on the same page

The first day in a new role can be stressful but a small company can make it easier for new employees by creating an employee handbook to guide people in those first few days. Doing this digitally is the most convenient way of ensuring everyone has a copy and makes it easier to update and distribute. Having said that in a smaller office there will be less to worry a new employee as there are less people that they will need to get to know and this can make it a lot easier to ensure everyone knows what they are doing.

Repetitive HR tasks can be streamlined

Templates are the busy organisations best friend and can really help when it comes to repetitive tasks. When you are a small company, especially when you wear many hats, repetitive tasks can take up too much time so taking a while to set up templates that can save you effort later can be a life saver. They can work for collecting information on a yearly basis or even for annual reviews. 

Managing huge amounts of HR information 

There is a lot of research and preparation involved in looking at the benefits your employees get. With so many people to keep track of and contacts to check in with you need to ensure that you are offering maximum value to both staff and the company. Being organised and taking the time to organise this information can be an invaluable tool to the small business and can make it a much simpler task to find the information you need quickly and efficiently. 

Giving bad news

One of the hardest tasks to deal with when you work in HR is telling someone there is no longer a role for them in the company, whether this is through redundancy or that they are simply not working out. This is particularly true in a smaller company where everyone knows everyone else. Keeping some strategies to help you deal with this type of tricky conversation can be a very valuable tool and can help to ensure you follow the correct legal procedure.

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