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EU Interest Grows in Patented Pallet Racking Safety System

Based in Redditch, Rack Collapse Prevention’s (RCP) unique pallet racking safety system is gaining attention from European companies looking to safeguard staff and valuable inventory.


In a typical steel framed warehouse, where RCP’s Rhino safety system is fitted to fully loaded racking, in the event of a single or multiple support leg damage incident, racking would drop slightly but remain stable and prevent rack collapse failure.


RCP Company Founder Craig Attwell comments: “Patented in the UK and Europe, Rhino helps to create a safer work environment for warehouse professionals, stores, and anywhere pallet racks are used.


“Highly durable and suspended from the top rather than reinforcing the bottom, means in the event of a forklift truck collision the structure remains standing, protecting both staff and stock.”


Perfect for high pallet racking environments including ambient, chilled and frozen, any rack collapse can cost thousands and more importantly lives, potentially crippling a business if the worst were to happen. Used by logistics specialists and food storage companies across the UK and Europe, RCP’s safety system is now gaining attention from Europe’s racking specialists.


With over 30 years food and storage industry experience, RCP is helping companies identify and remove the dangers of pallet racking failure and although there are systems in place to minimize risk, unlike RCP’s Rhino safety system, these are reliant on physical damage inspections and cannot be used as a preventative measure against forklift truck operator error, accidents and rack collapse.


Added Craig: “I’m delighted to see our safety system going from strength to strength in UK, Ireland and now gaining the attention of racking specialists in Europe as it’s ideal for anywhere pallet racking is used to hold or store product.”

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