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Being Flexible When Managing Projects

Did someone say flexibility?

You’re in a meeting about a new system development project, in response to a change in legislation. The most important stakeholders, Project Manager, Director of Innovations department – everyone is there. The project isn’t going completely as planned; it’s running late and there are unexpected costs.

There are many exchanges and questions. And there’s no time to waste, everyone must move quickly.

Information is wrong, and the question remains…

“Are the remediation plans correct? And what does this indicate?”

You’re back from the meeting, and feel disoriented.

You wonder how to make these reports and meetings more effective. Here are our tips for business.

Configuration according to the company


The company, which could be anything from a financial firm to a technical SEO service, follows processes, manages many projects and may require specific indicators for its reports. IT solutions used internally, can be configured and must adapt to organizational needs. The solution must be able to integrate with your information and processes. This information will be used and discussed in the meeting. In general, during the acquisition of a project management software, it’s important to make sure that you can configure the system in a relevant way, by customizing drop down menus, adding additional fields and graphics, reports, curves and document templates to suit your project needs. Among the customizable features, you should be able to install security profiles and configure the permissions for each user.

Back to your case. Improving relations as to not lose time in meetings is an essential step in using a project management system. In your case, it would suffice to add additional fields.


Additional fields and how to incorporate your business language in the system


Software permits reporting with additional configured fields. These additional fields are used to create a list of values, perform calculations or to attach a flag to a document. The administrator can configure the settings of a document and add an additional field. The fields are then automatically filled by employees.

Customizing software according to business needs is an example of flexibility. Configuring the platform allows you to have software that meets the needs of the organization and monitor relevant data.

Additional fields in your software allow you to create a customizable field for your operation for each document and database. When talking documents, this can relate to time sheets, invoices or project requests. The additional fields are in different forms; text, drop down menus, checkboxes, numbers, percentages, currencies, dates, users. This information offers valuable indicators for your organization. You can then sort, filter and order the information. You can also export, compare, classify and evaluate. The project manager may at any time, seek this information and also integrate it in the report.

These fields allow the company to include information of its own, as if the software was speaking his or her language. Your next report will be more accurate and you will be more serene!

The system adapts to your processes and allows users to effectively monitor progress. You can optimize performance by wielding very specific levers. The reports are then custom tailored and specific to a company that has no time to lose. This is also, flexibility.

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3 thoughts on “Being Flexible When Managing Projects

  1. This post is very interesting becasue we do not usually associate project management with being flexible – rather the opposite. However this approach offers valuable indicators for my organization.

  2. Great Post! I agree that Customizing software according to business needs is an example of flexibility. Configuring the platform allows you to have software that meets the needs of the organization and monitor relevant data.

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