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How To Choose The Best Transcription Service For Your Business

Any business that wants to boast an international presence would do well to enlist an effective transcription service. Through this, you can break through any language barriers that might interfere with your ability to conduct business, thereby increasing your reach and sales.

Of course, to get the most from your money, you need to ensure that the transcription service you choose is the right fit. This isn’t something you want to compromise on because it could hurt your chances of finding success with international clients. You need to choose someone who offers the best service around.

What exactly does this constitute, though? These features are the key things to look out for in anyone offering transcription for your business.

High Level Of Accuracy

Accuracy is paramount when it comes to professional interpreting services. If a company can’t translate everything perfectly, they risk altering the information that you’re trying to share. All it takes is for one word to be interpreted incorrectly for the message to be misconstrued, as often happens with Google Translate.

You want to choose someone who reports a 99% accuracy, if not higher. It is easy for a service to claim this without backing it up, so be sure to find evidence that this is the case. Testimonials can help with that, and it’s worth checking with their past clients to ensure their accuracy is as strong as they suggest.

If they offer a money-back guarantee, that can also help matters. That way, you know that if their services don’t meet the accuracy level advertised, you’ll be compensated for it.

Good With Deadlines

Being able to meet deadlines is essential for any employee, no matter what they do. However, when it comes to transcription, this ability is a necessity.

That’s because their services are provided to a wide variety of businesses and industries, all of whom need a quick turnaround time to meet client expectations. When it comes to hiring someone, you want to know that they’ll be able to get the work done as quickly as you need it while still maintaining excellent quality. There’s no point in going with a service that can complete the task in record time but whose output is littered with mistakes.

Native To The Language

Languages are incredibly intricate, which is why exceptional transcribers are sometimes hard to come by. A person needs to know a language inside and out, from grammar and spelling to regional dialects, to be able to convey it properly.

That’s why it’s worth hiring native speakers who grew up immersed in their language. With them, you have the best chance of getting your information conveyed as accurately as possible, which is what you want.

A good company to go with if you’re looking for native speakers is Global Voices, as they have a 9,500+ strong team that’s intimately familiar with around 150 languages. No matter where in the world you’re focusing your attention, you should find someone here who can transcribe your information perfectly. What’s more, they offer professional interpreting services for a variety of areas, including insurance transcription, so no matter your expertise, there’s a team here with a rich knowledge of what you do.

Reasonable Pricing

Money factors into most decisions in business, and it’s no different when hiring a transcription service. You don’t want to enlist the help of a company that will charge too much for the work, especially if you need their assistance regularly.

The smartest thing to do is compare rates and see what factors influence the price, so you can find somewhere that strikes a good balance. You shouldn’t just go for the one with the cheapest rates, especially if the costs come at the expense of slower turnaround or lower accuracy. However, you also don’t want to pay good money for these features, which should come as standard with any transcription service.

Strong Safety Measures

Security is essential to a business because, without it, your information is at risk. That’s why it should be one of your top priorities when hiring a transcription service. While this element might sometimes be overlooked because it doesn’t affect the level of work produced, it makes the difference between whether or not your information is safe.

This is a feature that should always be one of your primary concerns when bringing in a third party. They probably don’t have the same systems in place that you do, which means that when you share private data with them, there could be a greater risk of it getting out. So, you need to look into what security measures the service has in place, from data security to employee non-disclosure policies. That way, you can trust that your information won’t be leaked when you share it with your transcriber.

The right transcription service can really help boost your company’s global appeal and ensure you start generating international business. However, you need to make sure that whoever you work with boasts these ideal qualities for this service to pay off.

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