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How to Improve Sales Skills and Techniques

As buyers become more knowledgeable and competition increases, it is vital that sales teams are capable of improving and developing their skills and techniques in order to stay ahead in any industry. The sales processes which worked well 10 or even 5 years ago are unlikely to do so in today’s ultra-competitive sales industry. So being able to develop and build upon existing sales skills on a continual basis is essential for any salesperson looking to thrive.

You may be aware of the best sales practices and processes, such as building a good report, finding out what your contacts need, and filling your pipeline with quality not quantity of contacts, but learning to include all of these aspects in your sales process every time is where some individuals and companies let themselves down.

So, what is the best way to learn to implement these new skills – every time?


Traditional classroom-based learning

Often, the quickest way to learn improved sales techniques is to attend a classroom-based sales training course where delegates can spend time without the distractions of work and focus on learning the skills and techniques they need to succeed for themselves and for their company. You can opt for industry specific courses and really focus on learning the skills required and putting them into practice in role plays and other relevant activities. Most courses like this will also supply you with study resources so sales people also have something to refer to once back at work. Immersive learning in this manner – over a short period of time – is excellent for gaining new skills such as Scotsman sales qualification, and learning amongst a group of peers. All members of a sales team can benefit from developing a shared vision of how to improve, which, in turn, will motivate the sales team.


Bringing the classroom to work

While classroom-based learning may work for some individuals and organisations, others may need to see the material being taught in a more practical manner. Clinics and workshops are ideal for learning new skills in the context of an organisation. We work with ongoing cases in order to help identify the techniques that need to be improved and also teach new skills in real-time to have an immediate effect on sales figures. This type of coaching and consultancy can help you to see new techniques in action so that you feel the benefit of them straight away.



For those who enjoy learning in their own time and own way, then new techniques and sales skills can be learnt independently, outside the work environment in order to gain relevant qualifications. Business qualifications not only provide the opportunity to learn the best selling practice, processes, skills and techniques, but the final accreditation will also look great on a CV.

Everyone learns in a different way and so finding the best way to improve selling skills and techniques can be different for different members of a team, or different teams. Delegates are much more likely to learn, remember and use new sales skills and techniques if they have enjoyed the learning experience.

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