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How To Pack Up A Home Office For Storage

Are you moving your home office? Temporarily packing it up? If you are, these tips will help you get it ready for storage.

If you are moving home, redecorating or renovating you may need to pack up your home office, a challenging room to move effectively. The great news is that it can be done, and all without breaking or damaging your expensive office kit. Here’s how to pack up a home office for self storage:

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Where Are You Packing For?

Ideally, you will have set up a spare room in your new place, current place or a self storage unit nearby. This ensures that you have somewhere dust-free and secure to keep your home office belongings in great shape until they can be unpacked. A cheap storage unit is particularly helpful if the office is being packed for home renovation purposes. It ensures the items are completely protected from dust and debris common with a home renovation. You can also use it for other household ornaments, soft furnishings and furniture that you want protecting from dust and damage.

Be Ready To Label Extensively

Labelling is always helpful for any items being boxed up and packed for moving. When it comes to your home office it is essential, because the items are usually very specific in their purpose. You may need to know how the desk goes back together, or you need the small parts that go with your shelving to be labelled and attached to the main components of the structure. Very expensive items like computer towers and other technology also need labelling fragile so that they don’t get stacked on, and so they are handled with extra care.

Draw Out A Plan

Although it is fun to rearrange an office, sometimes we piece together a small space really well so that we have our working area ‘just so’. If that is you, drawing out a plan of the office before it is boxed up will help you when it comes to putting it back together again.

Clean & Dry Before Packing

It is important to clean and dry everything in the office before packing it away. This may involve cans of air, alcohol wipes, baby wipes and a vacuum as cleaning isn’t always straight forward with office content. Cleaning it and drying it before it gets packed will ensure it is fresh when it comes to being unboxed, and ensure the dirt and debris on it doesn’t cause it to degrade in storage.

Deconstruct What You Can

The great thing about office furniture is that it can be deconstructed, so it fits into a smaller space and is easier to transport. Chairs, tables, shelving and electrical equipment can all usually be taken apart and stored in a smaller area, ensuring you can use a smaller self storage space or room in your home before you put it up again.

Give That Plant A Temporary New Home

Office plants are popular now, but they won’t survive in cheap self storage, or a dark garage. Whilst you pack up your home office, do pop your plant in a new home until it can be back in it’s ‘happy place’. If it is being transported, it only needs to be packed securely in a box until it can acclimatise to its new home. If it is in an office that is being redecorated for a while, it will need a temporary suitable home with similar temperature and light conditions.

You’re Ready To Pack Your Home Office!

With our tips above you can pack up your home office without much trouble at all. Just remember to label, label, label, and choose the best possible place to store the contents in so that when you set this important working space back up, it’s in the best possible shape to get you back up and running again with ease.

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