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Improving Employability Among Disengaged Young People

Young people in the 18 to 25 year age group unfortunately have a high unemployment rate in almost every part of the world. The more we want to give the youngsters the opportunity to begin and flourish in their career, the higher are the chances they won’t get employed. Why is this change taking place around the globe? Why are these young people disengaged from their right of employment? Will a disengaged young person get a job in his desired field or is he ever going to participate in a beneficial company such as business setup consultants in Dubai? These are the questions that still go unanswered.

What is it that is required to improve the employability among the young disengaged people? To find out the answer to this question, we need to look at the causes that lead to disengaged youngsters. The number one reason that promotes unemployment among young people is the skills crisis. It has been witnessed that individuals can be quite well-educated but lack the basic skills to carry out the job. Some of the basic things that he lacks include self-motivation, self-confidence, self-reliance and the passion and motivation to complete the task.Then there are those individuals who are qualified, employed but owing to their inability to work as a team are fired from their jobs.

What can we do to help such disengaged young people?

Ways in which we can enhance the employment rate among disengaged young people

If you are among those who are willing to spend time working with disengaged young people in order to make their lives better, then here are some things that you can try out courtesy of Riz & Mona:

  1. Give them a refreshing thought to ponder upon:

The disengaged young people are already suffering from the anxiety of not having a job to go to. They do not need further lectures or critical advice but instead a refreshing thought that can bring them out of the low point. Try to talk to such people with compassion and empathy. Give them an innovative piece of advice and creative thoughts to think about. Encourage them, always, to try to turn their lives around.


  1. Listen to their ideas and thoughts:


Such people often have a different viewpoint and unique take on the theories of life. Simply hearing them out could help them to get their act together. For this purpose, many classes are carried out, which help in building up their confidence. Going to such classes helps disengaged people come into contact with other similar people. It is then that they come to know that they are not alone.


  1. Inspire them with new skills and things that they can do:


There is a high chance that an individual may not survive in the profession he has chosen. Does this mean this is the end of the individual’s career?


Rather than letting the young person worry, what we can do is inspire them to new things. Motivate them to find their passion and follow it. There are hundreds of directions which a person can go in. Then if one is blocked, why not look for one of the other ninety-nine ways?


  1. Always play a supportive role in their life:


Support and encouragement can make a person achieve anything. Supporting such individuals and believing in them, rather than snubbing or shouting at them, will help them overcome their fears, enhance self-reliance and self-confidence problems and motivate them to do something better.

Talk to them and imprint the thought in their mind that a single failure doesn’t mean that it is the end of their life. Winning is the result of trying and you fail a lot before you achieve your life goals. With this, instill in them the thought of having goals and dreams as the passion for achieving and fulfilling the dreams can be highly motivational.


  1. Build or start programs to counsel young people:


Different counseling programs must be carried out for these individuals so that they can work on their belief system, make it strong and look forward to their adult lives.


  1. Clearly tell them what they are expected to do:


At times, the young people are not sure what they are expected to do. What are the end results that the bosses want? Will they able to do it or not? Such thoughts cross their mind constantly and lower their morale. This can be prevented easily by telling them what they are expected to do. Other than clarifying the nature of their job, further instructions on the task at hand will give the young person a clear idea of what to do next and what to refrain from doing while working.

The responsibility of encouraging, supporting and counseling young people lies heavily on the shoulders of the family members and friends. But even the workplace management and surroundings need to understand the situation. With such efforts and a contribution from society, the employment rate of disengaged young people can be raised effectively.

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