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Jobs You Can Do From Home To Boost Your Income

If you have spare time, you have spare capacity to earn. Here we offer examples of jobs you can do from home to boost your income.Think of it – slash your debt and no more money worries! (well, we can all dream a bit)

Everybody would like more money, that is a natural thing, especially when it seems like all your money is accounted for every month. You might think you already work all day so you have no time to earn any more, but that is where you are wrong; and increasing your income is a smart way to become debt-free and can be a very sensible approach to good financial housekeeping.

Working from home is the way forward. If you are at home you have the capacity to boost your income, all you usually need is an internet connection. Why wouldn’t you want to earn extra cash in your PJ’s? And boosting your income is a great way to pay off your debt more quickly and avoid becoming dependent on credit cards, guarantor loans and bad credit loans  – giving you a chance of a debt-free future.

Here are some jobs you can do from home to boost your income:

A Remote PA

There are lots of sole traders, businessmen and companies who require extra help from a PA. Your job could involve interviewing people remotely, sourcing freelancers, doing admin work, answering the phone, or replying to emails. The point is, you can be working for a few extra hours a day for extra cash, doing little more than things you probably already do for yourself, or do at work.

Become a Live-in Carer

There are increasing numbers of senior people who want to remain in their own homes when they become less able to cope – a massive, perhaps not surprising, majority would prefer this to going into a residential home and giving up the comforts of their own home. There has, therefore, been a surge in need for carers to go into elderly people’s homes to help them with everyday tasks such as bathing and dressing. This can be for a few hours a day providing home care services or even on a full-time basis when live-in care is an alternative to a residential care home.

Read more here about the advantages of live-in care for both elderly person and the carer:


Maybe you play the piano, or you speak Spanish, or you are great at maths, whatever your skill you can tutor others for cash either at home, or via Skype. Even if your only great skill is speaking your native English language well there is always a high demand to teach English to non-native speakers especially as so many people move internationally to the UK for jobs and to study at one of the great universities. You can charge a lot for one to one tutoring, so it could be a really easy way to make a lot of money quickly.

Become a Voiceover Artist

If you enjoy the sound of your own voice and fancy yourself as a bit of an actor, why not think about becoming a voiceover artist. There are plenty of opportunities – from providing the voice-over for animated corporate videos to computer game voices and advertising. And if you also speak a foreign language then there are even more opportunities to provide alternative voiceovers for all sorts of videos.


If you are a singer, you could easily set yourself up with a basic PA system and get some gigs going. Wedding singers, or event singers can earn hundreds of pounds for a few hours work doing what they love.

Online Surveys

There are lots of sites online that pay you to fill out surveys. Not all of the sites are free so make sure you check they are legitimate first.

Pet Sitting

Walking pets or looking after pets is a great job to have if you are an animal lover. This is especially lucrative if you work from home during the day as you can look after the animal whilst you are at home.

Freelance Writing

If you are good at writing to a standard essay level, you can make money freelance writing. From blogs to website content, to reviews, freelance writing can pay well if you get a good enough profile going.

Rent Out A Room

It may be you have a spare room you could rent out on AirBnB, or if you have somewhere else you could go for a week, you could rent your whole place out for more money. There’s a lot of money to be made this way if you live in a city or in a tourist hot spot.

There are endless opportunities to make your money go further, stretch your budget, boost your income, reduce your borrowings and start to become less dependent on loans and credit. Debt issues can cause mental health issues so it’s definitely worth trying to get your debts under control. With a little research and effort you could easily be earning extra cash from home, PJ’s on, cup of tea in hand, and with a much healthier bank balance to boot.

3 thoughts on “Jobs You Can Do From Home To Boost Your Income

  1. Good Information – there are also many ways to make an income passively from the internet, particularly if you can create content (incl videos) that go on making money for you year after year.

  2. Good information in this article thanks – it has given me some extra ideas to increase the amount of money I can earn doing work from home. I have seen big growth in gig economy last 2 years and am trying to take advantage of the opportunities.

    1. Hi Faisal,

      Good luck working in the gig economy. Although it has sometimes got bad press via companies like Uber and Deliveroo it can be a great source of interesting work and good pay for those who need or want to work from home

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