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6 tips for marketing that won’t break your budget

Marketing your business is an expense that it is difficult to avoid. Here, we offer some tips that may involve a little work but won’t cost the earth. When funds are a little tight they can be a business saver. They can also get you into some good marketing habits for life.

Use Social Networks for online marketing

Whether you use it or not for your personal life, there is no escaping its potential for good in your business.  Create business accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. You could even try Instagram if your business transfers well to images.  Reaching a diverse range of people and joining groups where your product or service may be of interest is a way to gain free advertising.  Whilst you may have the option to pay for promoting your business, there are ways around this and you could still gain exposure!

DIY Infographics

A powerful marketing tool, which visually attracts attention.  It can cost a fair amount to hire a professional to create. However, offerings such as Adobe Illustrator and free vector kits can provide all the elements you need to create your own.  There are many sources of inspiration over the internet to get you started.

Customer Referral Programs

Use the customers you have to draw in new customers.  Offering existing customers an incentive to refer new customers is a big draw to grow your business.  Word of mouth, even if aided by the offer of a free gift, free months subscription or a taster product is perhaps one of the most valuable low cost marketing strategies you can employ.

Email Marketing

A  great way to engage both new visitors to your website or social media pages.  Encouraging visitors to sign up for your newsletter may require a small incentive. But, this could simply be to receive your blog updates straight to their inbox, a free eBook or a discount on their first order. Choose whatever is appropriate for your business and gives you the opportunity to engage regularly with them.  Don’t be tempted to bombard them, as they will quickly click to unsubscribe, less but better content is the answer. You may want to enlist the help of professional content writers to get you started.

Free email marketing services such as MailChimp can make this kind of marketing simple and ensure you keep within the regulatory guidelines for personal information handling.

Monthly Themes

Nowadays every month of the year has awareness causes, use these to fuel your creative marketing content and opportunities to engage with your audience. Remember some of the most effective marketing isn’t all about telling them what you want them to buy, but building up a rapport and trust element in your potential customers so you are the go to company when they are ready to buy.

Car Advertising

Whilst we have listed this last, a car magnetic sign or a little stick on sign writing can really draw local attention to your business and build brand awareness.  Be sure to inform your insurance company as any modification to your car should be notified, just to ensure you have no insurance hiccoughs, though.

These cheap methods for marketing may seem simple, but they could be an effective way to grow your client base while you’re building your business. 

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