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New Marketing Strategies For 2023

Marketing trends are constantly changing, and the start of a new year is an excellent time to take a closer look at the marketing strategies for 2023 that will help your business throughout the year.

This year will see a shift in trends to ensure you understand the importance of buyer behaviour and best use the technology available. Effective marketing has moved to support customer values and preferences, and businesses need to get to grips with this if they want to stay in the game. It’s no longer safe to rely on the practices that have done the job in the past.

How should marketing through 2023 look? 

Here are our marketing tips and tricks for the future.

Get ready to be cookie less

With Google looking to phase out third-party cookies by the end of next year, it will become harder for marketers to track user behaviour across the web and deliver the much-needed customer experience. 2023 is the year to plan for this and target alternative solutions to personalise content and ads while you can test out their effectiveness.

Be more agile

Adopt agile marketing techniques, and consider rapid iterations rather than one big project. Focus less on activity and output and more on the customer and business outcomes.

Support voice searching

Frame information to support the voice searches customers might make. Use voice search SEO optimisation tools to answer questions based on user intent in a more conversational question-and-answer format.

Provide interactive opportunities

Meet the growing consumer demand for non-static interaction. They want interactive infographics, quizzes, calculators, videos and contests that engage them. Marketers should develop greater two-way experiences that demand attention from their target audience.

Make it real

Hybrid and mixed-reality experiences have become more essential since the landing of the metaverse. More and more consumers want simulated realistic experiences that allow them to plan, experience or try on using virtual try-ons and branded filters on platforms such as Instagram.

Use AI tracking

Plan marketing strategies using data models, machine learning and algorithms to understand better the audiences they target. Studies show that many marketers fail to make the best use of behavioural data for online ad targeting, possibly because of costs in the past. However, this is now more affordable and easily accessible to small businesses.

Remember the consumer

Meeting consumer wants and needs is the most crucial marketing tool for success in 2023 and will remain so as we advance. How you do it might change, but the overall message is to meet consumer demands no matter how they change. So whether you provide 24/7 answering services delivering human interaction with consumers, are active on social media platforms or are using email marketing campaigns (don’t knock them – they still work) if you put the consumer first you will succeed.

Build up the likelihood of getting valuable word-of-mouth advertising. Don’t be afraid to create video-based content with reels, TikToks and Facebook content and use user-generated content to build credibility. Consider working with influencers in your niche to modernise your digital era marketing style. Reassure them of how you protect their privacy and data security, it will give them more confidence to sign up and interact with your business if they feel you are looking after them. Ensure they see you are committed to social and environmental responsibility, bring your brand values and identity into your marketing.

Final tips for Marketing Strategies in 2023

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