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The Best Free Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Marketing your business is not a one time thing, you need to adapt your content marketing strategy as your business and the market changes, but this takes time and effort. However, it doesn’t always have to cost you a fortune.

The good news, there are numerous free tools available to help put your business in front of a wider audience, offering help right the way through, from winning new business to keeping your client interested in what you have to offer.

You have your website; you may even blog regularly, but you may need to widen your reach. It can be a tricky and time-consuming task, to plan and come up with new, original and engaging content.

So here, we take a look at a variety of free marketing tools that could help you make the job of marketing your small business easier.


The first step is to organise.  Optimize Book offers two useful tools to assist you. A marketing calendar for planning content, including topics, audience targets and days to schedule. You will see at a glance what is to be done, helping avoid repetition and keeping you on track offering relevant content. This comes with a useful glossary and help with keyword suggestions, as well as ensuring you keep their use optimal.

Title Generator

Do you struggle to come up with new and engaging content titles? Whether for a marketing email, blog or a website page, Title Generator will help you; enter your subject and it returns numerous titles to inspire you. Combine this with Headline Analyser to see the emotional value of your chosen title; appealing to your audience on an emotional level will generate a greater following.

Uber Suggest

You will have heard of keywords, but they constantly change, free software such as Ubersuggest, will help you keep up to date with keywords relevant to your brand and ensure your content attracts search engine traffic.

Keeping your new found engagement

The suggestions above will set you on the way attracting your audience, but that is only half the story. Once you have them you need to keep them.  Ensuring you give them easy access to you, engage with them and put what you want under their nose is also a focus for some great free marketing tools.

Hello Bar

Need to grab attention? Hellobar offer a free tool to create a headline-grabbing banner across the top of your website.  Use it to draw attention to special offers, latest news or clearly visible way to sign up to your newsletter. Anything that you think will encourage your audience to stay on your site and want to delve deeper.

Mobile Monkey

Visitors to your site like to feel that they receive a service personal to them. Chatbot’s are fast becoming the must have on a business website.  Mobile Monkey offer a free messenger chatbot for your business, you can have your promotions and news pushed to your customers through their existing messaging apps.  It is well-known that people are three times more likely to interact through a chat window compared to website contact forms. This platform also works seamlessly with Facebook.

This represents just a small suggestion of some of the free content marketing tools available to small businesses. These, and others could help make creating quality content a breeze.

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